Who are you people?

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The founding members of Sex in the Public Square:

Elizabeth Wood, is a sociologist, activist and writer. Elizabeth started blogging and continues to blog at http://sexinthepublicsquare.wordpress.com. She is assistant professor of sociology at Nassau Community College on Long Island in New York. She is a strong believer in the importance of maintaining and expanding public resources, in the importance of sex in human lives and communities, and in the power of organized individuals to make change in the world.

Chris Hall is a writer who lives in Brooklyn. He spent the Reagan years living in Southern California and the dot-com boom years living in San Francisco. He is both geeky and perverted and loves women who know CSS or can count out loud in binary. He maintains a blog, Literate Perversions.

Tom Joaquin is an attorney, activist, and writer, living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. His practice includes working to protect free speech and to extend equal rights for those in the GLBT community.  A contrarian by nature, he believes that a society is just to the extent it protects the rights of those without access to political strength.  He is a policy geek, interested in health care policy, prison reform/abolition, law and economics, and the intractable problems inherent in a two-party political system.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Tom was an officer in the US Navy submarine force.  He is a member of Veterans for Peace.  Tom writes opinion and satire at http://thefreelance.wordpress.com.

Oh, and we're all interested in sex and community building and activism.

Our members are a very diverse group, and we encourage you to become a member if you haven't done that already. members can learn more about each other by clicking on the hyperlinked names that mark each contribution. Those links take you to profile pages. (Not all members fill these out.)