My first whore job

Once I made the decision to do sex work, the rest was fairly easy.  At the time, Craigslist was a wide-open playing field for sex work of all kinds under the "Erotic Services" section.  The only problem I really had was my inexperience and ignorance of the Atlanta market.  I had no idea what I was worth as a whore.  I didn't know anything about being a sex worker at all!  

I placed an ad on Craigslist, specifically mentioning that it was my first time, and watched the emails pour in, one after the other.  I didn't have any reason to pick the guy that I did, other than I had a good vibe off of our limited email interactions.  We arranged to meet at the hotel where he was staying for work and we agreed on a price for my time - $100.00 but no penetration, only a hand job.  

It was weird getting ready at my home with my kids running around and my husband helping me to find my missing stilettos.  It was weird (period) to be getting ready to give a stranger a hand job for money.  I was nervous.  I wondered what the chances were of getting caught.  I really didn't think they were very high.  Atlanta has huge problems with street prostitution, so I felt safe doing my little white bread, white collar escorting.  

I called my husband before I got out of my car and I told him I would call him back within an hour exactly.  I made a huge mistake that night - I snuck in the back door of his room rather than going through the lobby.  Always go through the lobby.  At least that way you're on the camera and they can find your killer.  

We had idle chit chat and then he got right down to it.  In an instant, I went from confident and in control to completely out of control and a little bit frightened.  Suddenly, instead of giving him a hand job, he was shoving my head onto his cock and his hand into my cunt.  I resisted, but ultimately just gave into it.  I realized that I had pretty much made my bed and now I was going to fuck in it.   I pretended to orgasm. My [fake] orgasm got him off and he came.  As he did, I pulled my mouth away and he came on my chest.  

I awkwardly got up and went into the bathroom, getting a warm washcloth for myself as well as for him. We had a cigarette and forced some conversation and then I left with my $100.00.  I felt incredibly powerful in ways - I had, after all, just earned about $200.00/hr.  I also felt incredibly liberated.  There was nothing to fear in this.  I could definitely do this.  In fact, I could possibly even like it.  However, I really had to figure out the right price and the proper procedures and lingo, and fast!  The only way I knew how to do that was trial and error.  I went home and placed my next ad.