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Interpreting the new research on child pornography use and child molestation

The New York Times reports today on research that demonstrates a very high correlation between use of child pornography and the actual molesting of children. The Times did a good job of reporting why it is so important to be cautious about interpreting a study like this one. And it also does a good job of reporting on the need for continued research on child molestation.

Because of the tremendous moral panic risks that are attached to publishing anything about htis kind of research I am going to focus entirely on the cautions. There will be lots of voices out there focusing on the tentative conclusions of the study itself, so here lets just focus on the limitations:

1. Remember when thinking about these results that they were produced using only already-incarcerated men convicted of child pornography charges. These men may well not be representative of all people who have ever downloaded or viewed child pornography.

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The good news and bad news about the new teen birth rate data

(Note: This was originally published on my Wordpress blog and was collected here via RSS, but it contained an error which has now been corrected on the original blog and can't be corrected in the RSS version collected here, so I'm republishing it. I've decided to just cross-post all my blog writing so that this RSS problem won't be an issue in the future.)

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CLOSED: Support Sex Ed in NYC Schools! (Closes Sept. 1 2007)

All politics starts locally, and since Chris and I are both based in NYC, some of our calls for action are directly related to politics in New York. Let us know what's going on in your part of the world, too!

From Planned Parenthood NYC:

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Audacia Ray Talks About the Fuckbot Takeover

Violet Blue just did a cool video interview with Audacia Ray about her new book, Naked on the Internet. You can check it out on theAudacia Ray website for Geek Entertainment TV; among other things, Audacia talks about the coming "Fuckbot Takeover." Watch the video if you wanna know that is.

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Bus Passenger Booted for Big Boobs

It sounds like the Germans need to get their bus drivers laid. Or at least they need to get ready for a shitload of harassment suits if this is how they treat their passengers:

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RKB Interviews Heather Corinna

Rachel Kramer BusselRachel Kramer Bussel is an unavoidable presence in the New York City sex and literary scenes. The woman is an absolute whirlwind of activity; she always has something new in the works, and anyone who's scanned the erotica section of their local books has seen her name a lot, on the spines of books like She's On Top, Up All Night, and Caught Looking. I swear to god the woman is popping some kind of literary Viagra. In addition to all her writing and editing, she also runs a monthly reading series on Manhattan's Lower East Side called In the Flesh.

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Continuing development in the Square

While there may be no scaffolding to negotiate and there's certainly no yellow tape keeping you out, the truth is we're still developing things around here. Here are some changes just over the past few days:

The Links page is easier to use now, and we've moved it to the main menu (white bar at the top of the page). You can now see all the links at once, in their respective categories, instead of having to click on the category to see the links it contains.

The Calendar page is prettier now, and you can add events right form the calendar page itself rather than having to go back to the "add something new" menu. The Calendar needs help, though! Right now it's extremely NYC-centric and we'd like that to change. Do you inow of events in your area? Why not try adding a few! 

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Role reversal: former porn star works to become minister (NYT)

While JanieBelle informs us on her blog about the seeming flood of Republican representatives and commentators who are being exposed for their participation in the sex industry (as clients, so far), I thought I'd let you know about a rather different sort of story that appeared in today's Style section of the New York Times.

Ronald Boyer and Gianna Ferrari during the shooting of an adult film in January. It seems a former porn star is working on becoming an Episcopal minister, and he's doing it all right out in the open. No hiding.

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Mistrial in the Tory Bowen/Pamir Safi rape case

On my WordPress blog a few weeks ago I wrote about Tory Bowen, Pamir Safi and the ruling made by a judge that Bowen could not use the word "rape" in her testimony against Safi. Bowen alleges that Safi raped her while she was asleep, and his first trial ended in a hung jury. His second trial was just about to begin, but...

According to the AP, via the New York Times:

Filed at 10:00 a.m. ET

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Before a jury was even seated, a judge declared a mistrial in a sex-assault case where he had barred the words ”rape” and ”victim.”

Judge Jeffre Cheuvront of Lancaster County District Court said protests and other publicity surrounding the rape case against Pamir Safi, 33, would have made it too difficult for jurors to ignore everything they heard before the trial, which had been expected to begin next week.

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Trackbacks and Technorati Tags

Thanks to JanieBelle I was prompted to go drupalling to see if I could find a trackback module we could plug in here. I did indeed. You should now see a "Trackbacks" section when you create new content (blog entries, forum topics, etc.).

While I was a-drupalling, I also found a Technorati Tags module. So now, I think, the tags we create here will somehow mesh with tags on Technorati, and Technorati will be pinged when you create new stuff here.

Now, I'm no expert at this stuff. I'm learning as I go. So if you find something isn't working right, just let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. Or maybe I'll try to pass it off to JanieBelle ;)



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