Sabrina Chapadjiev

Interview With Dr. Carol Queen

Sex in the Public Square is proud to present this interview with one of the great sex writers and activists of our time, Dr. Carol Queen. This interview was conducted by Sabrina Chapadjiev in 2005 and originally published in her 'zine, Cliterature.

This is a crucial cultural function of erotic literature: It always serves as a kind of protest literature exploring (and exploding) taboos, gender roles, and socially imposed notions of appropriate sexuality. So says the erotologist, the academic analyst of erotica, in me, but more than that, it is crucial to me personally as I try to carve a space for myself in the world that acknowledges the true possibility of an alternative female sexuality that is exploratory, voracious, curious, pansexual, open to multiple sources of pleasure.
from the essay, "What Do Women Want? We Want to Be Big Slutty Fags, Among Other Things," by Carol Queen

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