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E for Excellence

With the complications post-move from one host to another (and singing the praises of Elena at our new home, Host Discovery, for her incredible assistance), and with the craziness of wrapping up the semester, I've been delinquent in responding to posts, comments and emails.

Let me begin my catching up by thanking the brilliant and beautiful Caroline Shepherd of Uncool for awarding us an E for Excellence. She listed us in some pretty esteemed company, so we're flattered and honored and if a blog could blush we'd be blushing!

Caroline is also the lead organizer of the Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy, a much needed collection of feminist writing that supports exactly what it claims to support, without excluding sex worker, fetish, kink or other kinds of sexual expression. It's a monthly carnival and if you've read something or written something that you'd like to see collected there, let her know at uncool [dot] blog [at] gmail [dot] com. (The next carnival will be hosted by Chere Juliette on June 2!)e for excellence badge

There are many blogs and sites I think are truly excellent, but let me share a short list here:

  • Bound, Not Gagged, a blog by sex workers about sex work, and absolutely the first place I look when I need information about a sex work story in the news (or about one that should be in the news but isn't).
  • Lux Alptraum's Boinkology - great sex ed and sex and culture podcasts!
  • Debbie Nathan's blog - fantastic writing especially on immigration, but also on sex laws and moral panics.
  • Chris Hall's Literate Perversions - full disclosure: Chris is co-founder of this site, but that aside his original blog is not to be missed.
  • Chelsea Summers Pretty Dumb Things - because nobody does literary sexy and personal as well as she does.
  • Debauchette - another very personal and very beautiful blog by a smart and beautiful woman.
  • Emilie Dice - former escort, current dominatrix, very sharp writer whose blog I'm just getting to know, but can already tell is excellent.

Thanks Caroline!

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