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What makes someone good in bed? If you have to ask...

Value judgements are useful if you you can quantify what makes something good. But what if the actions that you want to evaluate are very subjective?

Heather Corinna

writes about the subjective and hard to pin down qualities that might make someone "good in bed"

The language we use

Can we change the words we use and be heard? Over the years, I have discovered something. The language I use forms the way I think in a sort of chicken and egg way. Not only does it change the way I think, it changes the way I am perceived and the way I am heard. (Communications 101: I am not responsible for what I say; I am responsible for what you hear.)

Let me explain by way of a story. Working my way through school, I took a job at a Yachting Chandlery. I fell in with the skipper of ‘Riskin’, a 6-meter raced out of Shilshole Bay. I landed a berth handling the running backs. About half the crew worked with me at the chandlery and the other half were experienced racing sailors from other vocations.

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