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Southwest Leather Conference


In the year 2000, a new idea was born. To create an event that celebrates and explores BDSM & Leather Relationships, SM and Spirituality. To gather, under one roof, people of all genders and orientations, from Leather & BDSM communities all over North America. A space to celebrate and explore the similarities and differences of our various BDSM and Leather related lifestyles and cultures. An event that offers opportunities for singles, couples, families and friends a deep, meaningful and creative experience of Leather and BDSM.

What is a quest? A call to adventure. A journey towards a goal. A seeking or pursuing of something important. A time of initiation and transformation. An encounter with the self and others. As each of us embarks on our individual quests, we find common threads that bind us all together, with our paths ultimately crossing at Southwest Leather Conference.


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Brutal Affection: Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex

Brutal Affection: Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex

It ain't about the brawn. Regardless of your size, gender, or physical ability, this highly interactive workshop uses scads of demonstrations to teach you fierce, passionate methods of slam, slap and thud. Learn to use your brain and a multitude of body parts to bring you and your partners to new found levels of physical, sensual, sexual intensity and intimacy. With humor, affection, straight talk, and smarts, Felice Shays will discuss and demonstrate technique, safety, partnered positions, head space, anatomy, and helpful items. Also, as time allows, Felice will work with individuals, dyads and other combinations of partners to resolve their dilemmas of inequity of size, status, attitude or muscle.

Open to all genders, all physical abilities, and all levels of experience.

Saturday, November 3, 3:30-5:30pm
At Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street, Toronto
$20 / no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
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Slap 'n Tickle -- A Fetish Fair

A fun filled evening of...
  • BDSM Demonstrations
  • Games
  • Raffles
  • Prizes
  • A great crowd of leather & kinky folk and our friends.
Proceeds will benefit The Center in Asbury Park , a volunteer service organization that provides emergency services as well as housing, hot meals and other day to day essentials for people living with HIV/AIDS in central NJ. 

We are still seeking donations of prizes for the games, raffles and auction, and volunteers interested in helping with the following (most shifts are about 1 hour):

Freedom of Speech

Hi All,

RG blog was closed due to an "outing" at was job or blog....

I am being brave...changed my name....the blog...and taking off when I left off....

Please come by and say

My blog is about sacred intimacy....mid is is my life...

best to all of you,


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Fetish Flame Podcast

What makes a good play party?

There's got to be a lot of varied opinion on this and I'd like to hear it.  I was at a party a few weekends ago that I fully expected to enjoy - frankly it seemed right out of a fantasy - enormous house, five rooms in an upstairs area designated as play areas, a great room suitable for dancing, a private yard and large deck with a clothing optional pool, a lot of people I knew or recognized, two friends on hand willing to play, good food, etc.  But I was extemely uncomfortable.  Surveying my friends all I got was "the vibe" was wrong.  Someone blamed the feng shui.  I thought the whole place was much too brightly lit and also seemed bachelor-pad grungy.  We didn't stay long.  What makes a play party work for you?
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New poll: BDSM roles

There's been a fascinating discussion going on in the BDSM forum. RC asked what people thought of the concept of "anarchist kink," that is, kink that does not follow such orderly rules as kink often does. His first example was BDSM players who switch roles frequently instead of sticking to a "top" or "bottom" role pretty exclusively.

You can check out the forum here.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to know how people who use this site think of themselves in terms of BDSM roles. So you'll see there's a new poll on the sidebar. Tell us where you fall!

Then, contribute to the forum!  

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If you fantasize about or participate in any kind of BDSM play, which of the following is truest for you?

* I am always a top\n* I am usually a top\n* I am always a bottom\n* I am usually a bottom\n* I prefer to think of myself as a person who switches roles a lot.\n

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