Anarchist Kink

A few days ago, on her blog, the inimitable Mistress Matisse described her and her partner's BDSM play as "anarchist kink," meaning the typical dom/sub hierarchies don't really apply in their play. (Things are different with her clients, I'm sure.) In other words, as she writes, they switch a lot and are very kinky. Later she posted some video of some friends of hers that "take it to another level."

So, what do you think of anarchist kink as a concept? Some would say BDSM is anarchistic by nature, or at minimum subversive, a obvious rebuke to traditional social institutions and mores. Those who try BDSM realize that it's actually incredibly formal, as freaksexual has written, a level of intense formalization that says a lot about power in society and raises interesting questions about consensual power play.

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Adventures in Sexuality (Central Ohio region)

AIS is the Pansexual, Polyamorous BDSM/Kink Fun Group in Central Ohio. Within the banner of AIS, there are many sub-groups where people can find their niche. We are comprised of diverse members of the Ohio and National Kink Community. We are focused on Fun, Education, Outreach, Safer Play and toward building greater Kink Awareness and Acceptance within the Central Ohio area.

Austin: weird but not freaky

There's a pretty big lifestyler and bdsm scene in Austin but my sense is that these scenes are WAY underground, certainly compared to the west coast or eastern seaboard.  There are no public sex clubs or play spaces in Austin like the Wet Spot in Seattle or p/e in SF.  Naturally Texas politics is to blame, but is that the whole story?  I'd like to hear other opinions about this (maybe I'm wrong?).

This is where I'll fly my own flag, as I tried to raise this subject in an occasional column I write for That Other Paper in Austin. 

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The Floating World

Edison, NJ

"A three-day celebration of the BDSM/fetish community"

Classes, workshops, parties, and socializing!

Open to people of all experience levels and all orientations.

Het - Gay- bi- Trans- BDSM - fantasy roleplay - anal play - spanking - sensuality - cuddle - fear play - spirituality - chastity - shibari bondage - pony and animal play - polyamory - more

Registration info and more at

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From Viviane's Sex Carnival: Support the Palmer House Hilton, Host for the IML

Viviane Writes: NCSF Action Alert: Support the Palmer House Hilton, Host Hotel for IML

Please write a short note of support for the Palmer House Hilton, host hotel for International Mr. Leather, thanking them for not discriminating against any guests or groups based on their sexual orientation. The anti-gay group, Americans For Truth, posted an action alert calling for people to protest the "homosexual orgies" that take place at the "sadistic sexual perversion-fest known as International Mr. Leather." AFT website:

The Palmer House Hilton has been a staunch supporter of the Fair Accommodations Act in working with alternative lifestyle groups, particularly IML. Please email your note of appreciation to:

Stephen Bollenback, CEO
Hilton Hotels Corporation

Trina Owens
Hilton Hotels Corporation

Peter Lynn, General Manager
Palmer House Hilton


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127
Baltimore, MD 21202-3707
media at ncsfreedom dot org

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Rough Play Workshop with Selina Raven (Berkeley, CA)

Rough Play
Good Vibrations- Berkeley
Monday, June 11, 8-10 pm

Have you ever wanted to get a bit rough, but weren’t sure how to do it? Have you had fantasies and desires, but weren’t sure how to make sure that you and your partner is having fun and is cared for? Dominatrix and experienced bad girl Selina Raven will help you discover and play out your wildest sexual fantasies. The class will include tips about negotiating the use of colorful language during sex play, anatomical basics, the utilization of wrestling holds and percussive play, and, of course, aftercare. This class will be oriented for tops, but is full of info that everyone will find useful.

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The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)

A not-for-profit organization based in New York City and whose primary goal is to provide education and support for adults who enjoy consensual BDSM. They do lots of workshops and have a great calendar of events.
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One Life, Take Two by Jefferson

A blog that thoughtfully and often erotically catalogs the life of a man who calls himself a "a parent, and pervert, in New York City."
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