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Support Sex Work Awareness by looking at sexy photos

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For the second year in a row I'll be posing in the Sex Blogger Calendar, a fundraiser for Sex Work Awareness. Sex Work Awareness (SWA) is an organization dedicated to building capacity and media skills for sex workers. In addition, they are involved in important research projects like the Exploratory Research on Internet and Sexaulity (EROTICS) project.

Last year SWA used funds from the calendar sales to put on a media training for NYC-area sex workers. That training resulted in Calico's having the skills necessary to record many of the Sex 2.0 presentations and distribute them online. The training materials themselves are available on the SWA web site. You can see that by supporting SWA you are helping to make information and educational materials available to a worldwide audience.

This year's calendar involves twelve different photographers and more than a dozen models collaborating on images that illustrate sexual freedom. (Yes, if you're doing the math that means there will be some group shots!) I expect it will be provocative! I'll be working with Vito Fun. I won't tell you yet where we'll be shooting but we're working on a very cool location that is memorable for its old machinery and stunning waterfront views.

The photographers are donating their time and their skills. The models are donating the use of their images. All we need is you. You can help us by purchasing a day on the calendar and placing your own message there. Promote yourself or your project. Say happy birthday to someone. Send a message about what sexual freedom means to you. 

Use the buttons below to buy days on the calendar or to buy days and preorder a calendar.

Buy a calendar day Buy a day for $10.00.

buy a day and a calendarBuy a day and a calendar for $30.

Sales are hosted at Audacia Ray's Waking Vixen store. Audacia Ray is one of the founders of Sex Work Awareness, and is also author of Naked on the Internet, director and producer of The Bi Apple, adjunct professor at Rutgers University, and social media guru for International Women's Health Coalition


This Week's Calendar Raffle - OhMiBod and Naughtibod!


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Want to have your world rocked like Zoli’s in this OhMiBod ad for their Naughtibod? Well, we can make that happen for five of you.

Each day from now till 10PM Saturday we’ll randomly choose one winner from our calendar orders. So this is a really good week to pre-order your calendars. I have seen the proof and the calendar is not only beautiful but a testament to what a commUNITY effort can accomplish. Without all of you who helped us by linking to our blog, putting up our buttons, donating products, buying days and sending much needed funds, it would not have been possible.

Now I’d like to thank Suki & Brian of OhMiBod for giving all of you the opportunity to feel the music.

Order your calendar here and now to win either an OhMiBod or a Naughtibod. Hell, order one a day for five days and who knows, you may be finished with your holiday shopping before you even start!

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20.00 (plus US Shipping)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20.00 (plus Canada Shipping)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20.00 (plus Overseas Shipping)

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Order a calendar and win a prize!

The sponsors of the 2009 Sex Blogger Calendar have donated prizes and we're rewarding early orders with a chance to win. If you order your calendar this week you will be entered to win the Natural Contours Petite Pink Ribbon vibe, donated by Candida Royale and Natural Contours.

 petite pink ribbon vibe

Candida Royale started Femme Productions, making porn from a woman's perspective, in 1984. In 1999 she created Natural Contours. She is an author, educator and amazing advocate for women's pleasure and for sexual freedom and autonomy for all of us. I'm personally thrilled that she is a sponsor of our calendar. 

If you are in need of a small pink ergonomically designed vibe and you don't win this one this week, you might like to know that Natural Contours ® is donating 10% of the sales proceeds from the PETITE PINK RIBBON™ to Breast Cancer Action ( Not that our readers generally need any philanthropic rationalization to by sex toys.

Order a calendar and you are automatically entered. Use the handy buttons on the sidebar!

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This is not a pin-up girl ;)

I have never been a girly-girl. In middle school I never had the right hairstyle or knew how to wear my clothes the way the popular girls did. In high school and college - and since - I have developed my own style of course (perhaps more an anti-style) and while I very much like my image I have certainly never thought of myself as model material. At least not until recently. I must say that having been asked to participate in the Sex Blogger Calendar has changed the way I see myself, at least part of the time.

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Pin-up Bloggers!

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A dozen of your favorite New York City sex bloggers and sex educators are joining together to support Sex Work Awareness, a non-profit whose mission statement says it all:

We believe that all sex workers have a right to self-determination; to choose how we make a living and what we do with our bodies.

We aim to empower our diverse community by building the capacity of sex worker-serving and sex worker member-based institutions as well as the skills and resources of sex workers themselves.

We also conduct research about sex workers and the sex industry in order to better understand it, develop public education initiatives, and advocate for the rights of sex workers.

The theme is burlesque. The poses will be sexy. And who will be posing? Take a look, below the fold!

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