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Guest Post: In The Moderation Queue

carolineNatalia and I have a wee blog project going. Here's the blurb:

Some blogs moderate comments to exclude trolls, some to allow a "safe space" for a discussion amongst like-minded people who can develop and strengthen their arguments without fear of ridicule or uninformed or inflamatory criticism. Other blogs, however, use these excuses to silence the 'opposition' and / or refuse them the opportunity of a platform to defend themselves against often distorted or completely untrue statements. This can be not only incredibly annoying, but also stopping questioning and challenging comments stunts any real discussion and even a chance of a possible solution to a problem. 
So, this blog is for those who have attempted to join a discussion and been frustrated, either by having their words ignored or distorted. It is also for those who wish to challenge their own views or to inform their arguments. 
If you would like your moderated comment to be included in this blog, email
Caroline at uncool [DOT] blog [AT] gmail [DOT] com or Natalia at nvantonova [AT] gmail [DOT] com with a link to the post you tried to comment on, a link to your own blog (if you have one, if not no worries), the day you left the comment and, of course, your comment.

Now, let's get one thing straight - no one is doubting how valuable safe spaces are. Some of the blogs I have a massive amount of respect for have had more than one post with comment moderation on to ensure no trolls, no ridiculing, no shit basically, went on. And I think when you're forming ideas it can be good to have that space to let the ideas grow and strengthen rather than get knocked down by criticism right away. 
Once again for the hard of hearing: no one is trying to undermine anyone's safe space
The idea behind this? To really stand against censoring and silencing, which is altogether something different entirely. There’s been countless times when sex positive feminists, sex workers, indeed anyone with contrary views have been denied a chance to voice their opinion. Furthermore, there have been times when posts have been written attacking individuals and they have been denied their right to defend themselves. This blog was set up to try and counter this.

We'll see how this develops. I think this could be quite a positive tool, not only does it allow people to defend themselves and their ideas that are attacked in others' posts, but hopefully too it will allow for a more rounded discussion. 

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