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2011 Sex Blogger Calendar Supports Woodhull Freedom Foundation


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I'm sure you recall the 2009 and 2010 Sex Blogger Calendars. While I'm not posing in the 2011, I'm very happy that next year's Sex Blogger Calendar is supporting an organization I care deeply about: Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Woodhull is an organization dedicated to advancing sexual freedom as a basic human right and I am honored to serve on its advisory council. Straight from the Sex Blogger Calendar site, here is Tess's post explaining how the calendar will work this year and how you can participate. I hope you will!


Via Tess at the Sex Blogger Calendar:

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Visions of Sexual Freedom

Some time ago Tess asked each of us who posed for the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar (raising funds for Sex Work Awareness) to write a little bit about how our ideas about sexual freedom are expressed in our photo shoots.

Mea culpa. I am finally managing that post just days before the calendar's launch party. Will you be in NYC this Friday? Join us from 6:30-9:30 at Fontanas and get your calendar signed by models, photographers or anyone else who tickles your fancy! (I also hear there's going to be some pretty fantastic swag.)

I posed on Frying Pan, a rusting old lightship-turned-bar docked at Pier 66 on the Hudson River side of Manhattan. Frying Pan (and PIer 66 in general) is a place that says a lot to me about sexaulity despite its not being an "adult" location in any way.

For one thing, it floats. It is tethered to a barge which itself is affixed to land, but it is not, itself, on land. It is in that liminal space that is a salt water river that flows in two directions. There are few better metaphors for my sexuality.

The lightship itself is beautiful and inviting and yet clearly a place where one enters at one's own risk. Dark companionways and large pieces of rusty machinery are as accessible as the brightly painted outer decks. It is a place for exploration and for wonder.

The photo we chose for the calendar is one that combines a kind of playful sexiness with a femininity I rarely show. It captures the rusty beauty of the ship and one of its more inviting niches. The calendar shot hints at a scene that might happen two minutes after the shutter snaps. It is in all of those hints and seeming contradictions that I hope you will see a bit of what it means to me to have freedom of sexual expression. The three shots below are taken in different parts of the ship and I offer them here just to whet your appetite.

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Sneak Peeks at my Sex Blogger Calendar photo shoot

I'd been planning a sexy personal essay to accompany this post but I'm writing from the my mother's hospital room where things might well be personal but they are not sexy. Still, I wanted to share a few sneak peeks at something that is both personally important to me, and I hope sexy to you.

You probably know all about the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar. The purpose is to raise money for Sex Work Awareness, a very important organization that assists and trains sex worker advocates in media work and other advocacy skills. The theme for my photo shoot was "At your own risk". We shot the photos on Frying Pan, an historic lightship that is currently part of Pier 66, a floating bar and grill on the Hudson River. Frying Pan is a beautiful piece of maritime history and the kind of place where people are trusted to enjoy themselves without being told "don't touch that" and "don't go there." The whole ship is open for exploration, and a tour of the ship reveals its evocative contradictions. It is neither land nor sea. It is not wholly safe but it can be enjoyed safely by people who exercise good judgment, it is beautiful and it is falling apart. The ship defies easy categorization and offers many surprises. It is in many ways an excellent metaphor for my own sense of sexuality.

Click the "Read More" link to see the four short video clips from the photo shoot. (Yes, sometimes I enjoy being a tease.)

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Yet another reason to help us support Sex Work Awareness

Sex Work Awareness helps sex workers and their allies challenge the way that the mainstream media outlets and prohibitionist writers tell their stories and report on the issues that most directly affect them. Here is a very recent example:

In reaction to the ABC News Ashely Dupre Exclusive Megan at Jezebel wrote this piece applauding recent changes to prostitution law in the UK that will criminalize the buying of sexual services and increase reliance on shaming techniques to try to inhibit demand for prostitution thus increasing the stigma attached to sex work. The new rules troublingly conflate trafficking with prostitution and make it less likely that clients will report suspicions that a worker has been trafficked. The Jezebel piece is full of assumptions about prostitutes, and these are the same assumptions - often fueled by methodologically problematic and heavily biased research - that are used to justify policy changes whose unintended consequences are likely to make things more dangerous, not less dangerous, for women. 

Elizabeth Wood by Stacie Joy Organizations like Sex Work Awareness help sex workers be heard more often, in more places, and with more impact. We need those voices desperately. Help us support Sex Work Awareness by making a $20 donation, for which you will receive our lovely NYC Sex Blogger Calendar. (I'm December -->)

Your entire donation goes directly to SWA because of the generous sponsors who covered the entire cost of producing the calendar.

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20 (US)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20 (Canada)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar - $20 (Overseas)

All calendar photos by Stacie Joy .

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Sex Blogger Calendar Officially Launched!

And support Sex Work Awareness with your purchase!

calendar coverIt's official: The 2009 Sex Blogger Calendar has officially launched! And if success can be measured by crowd size, we had a spectacularly successful launch party on Friday. And I understand that in just a few hours we raised nearly $2000 for Sex Work Awareness.

My only regret about the party? So many wonderful people and not nearly enough time -- or space! -- to talk to so many of them. I especially regret that, while I was called to join in a group photo with Candida Royale - a woman whose work I have admired for years - that I never had a chance to say more than a brief hello. In addition to being a pioneer in woman-produced porn, Candida and her companies, Femme Productions and Natural Contours, helped sponsor the calendar. And I don't think I even said "thank you" in person! How did I let that happen?!? Click here to read more about the party, the sponsors and the calendar.

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