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Looking backward, looking forward

photo of sculpture near burlington vt, photo by will van dorp

Cold and dark is the end of 2009 and I am looking forward to the new year. This has been a tough year personally, and Sex In The Public Square has suffered a bit as a result. Looking toward 2010 I am guardedly optimisitc that we can improve things.

Looking back for a moment, a few very good things did occur this year.


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Is "her pleasure" a better standard than "her consent"?

 LouFCD tweeted about this blog post which pointed to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The article provocatively asks us to consider whether "consent" is too low a bar to set for deciding whether sex that happens is okay. Adele Horin, author of the article, suggests that a better standard for deciding whether sex should happen or not is whether the "he" in the situation (she is presuming hetero encounters) is committed to "her" pleasure. If he approaches the sex with her pleasure in mind then consent is going to have to be part of the picture, but he will go beyond consent to make sure she is enjoying the sex she consented to. Horin asks:

What would happen if the burden of proof in a rape trial were turned on its head.

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Um... it is.

Visible, I mean. I logged out to look, and there it is.

I'll have a look at this tomorrow. Don't let me forget.

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We're renovating. Excuse the dust!

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This is not a pin-up girl ;)

I have never been a girly-girl. In middle school I never had the right hairstyle or knew how to wear my clothes the way the popular girls did. In high school and college - and since - I have developed my own style of course (perhaps more an anti-style) and while I very much like my image I have certainly never thought of myself as model material. At least not until recently. I must say that having been asked to participate in the Sex Blogger Calendar has changed the way I see myself, at least part of the time.

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