Sex Blogs: Commentary and Analysis

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Barry Dank's Blog: Dankprofessor

"University related sexual correctness and political correctness issues will be the focus on the blog, but we will go wherever contemporary sexual politics and dating and mating issues may take us."
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Radical Vixen

Her tagline is: Porn...Peace...Politics

What more can I say? 

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Silent Porn Star

"Den of Iniquity meets Den of Antiquity"
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Queer Justice League

"Where queer superheros unite for justice" -- good queer politics commentary.
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At Her Discretion

A great blog with commentary and lots of cool archival photos of erotic work, sex ed materials, and other cool stuff past and present
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I am curious blue

"Full time biology grad student wasting time blogging about porn, sex, culture, left libertarianism, and all sorts of other matters totally unrelated to finishing my thesis."
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Pro porn activism

Dedicated to pro-porn activism and the belief that pornography falls under the auspices free speech and expression, and is legitimate entertainment for consenting adults, if made for and by consenting adults.
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