Sex Blogs: Commentary and Analysis

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A "blog about the future of smart sex, bringing you erotic intelligence for a hotter tomorrow through a wide range of posts and features, including the Future of Sex video podcast." Written by Melissa Gira, Lux Nightmare and Irene Kaoru.
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Sexual Intelligence Blog by Marty Klein

Marty Klein's less formal but more frequent writings on sex, society, culture, politics, and media
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Boinkology, the web site (Lux Nightmare)

Lux Nightmare on sex and culture "because sex rocks and we should talk about it."

Ruby Tells All

Sex advice and commentary from a wildly orgasmic slut.
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Real Adult Sex (Figleaf w/Kochanie)

Self-described: "Confessions of a libertine prude / grumblings of a prudish libertine." Thoughtful pieces about sex and society
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Literate Perversions

The source of our Perverted News Roundups and many other fascinating things!
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Sex in the Public Square Blog

The Wordpress blog that this community grew out of, and the place where Elizabeth still does much of her writing.
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