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In NY? Help Victims of Trafficking - One step toward justice!

It's about time! From the the petition site:

On June 15, 2010 the New York State senate passed a bill that, effective as soon as Governor Paterson signs it, enables survivors of human trafficking to vacate their convictions for prostitution-related offenses. This amendment to New York State Criminal Procedure Law grants those who were trafficked into commercial sex the opportunity to start over with a clean slate.

The Sex Workers Project (SWP) worked closely with Assembly Member Richard Gottfried to draft and introduce the bill in April 2009, which is also sponsored by Senator Thomas Duane. Supporters include the New York City Bar Association, the New York Anti-Trafficking Network, and Sex Workers Action New York.

The new legislation empowers survivors of trafficking by allowing them to move on with their lives, and function in society without the stigma of past exploitation. Survivors have a better chance of escaping re-victimization or further coercion when they do not have criminal records that often prevent them from obtaining work, getting stable housing, and adjusting their immigration status.

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Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

Spitzer may be charged under the Mann Act, because he arranged for the prostitute to travel from NY to DC. This makes me sad. I hate the public outcry and tearful apologies for wrongdoing these sex scandals garner, and I supported Spitzer's ill-starred plan to give all NY residents driver's licenses. If only this were happening to John McCain.,2933,336493,00.html

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Celebrate International Sex Worker Rights day with SWANK & SWOP-NYC

, March 3rd, 7 to 9 pm

Dear friends of sex worker rights,

This year SWANK (Sex Worker Action of New York) & SWOP-NYC will host a potluck dinner to celebrate International Sex Worker Rights Day. This day reminds us that we are part of a global community of people who refuse to accept the discrimination against us and the criminalization of our work, our means to survive.

When: Monday March 3, 7 to 9 pm

Where: Judson Church, 55 Washington Square South, NY, NY 10012 (Use Entrance on Thompson St)

Cost by donation for dinner: $3 to $15 depending on what you can afford (no one turned away) Food will include vegan and vegetarian options.

Celebrate Sex Worker rights with... Fun activities! Craft Projects! (Design a placard to demand sex worker rights). Raffle! Win a prize... Conversations with activists for sex worker revolution....

For more info contact:

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Screening: "I Had an Abortion" (2005, 55 minutes)


$5 Suggested

With Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
Roe v. Wade is 35 years old this month. We'll be celebrating, agitating, and planning for the future by screening Gillian Aldrich's "I Had an Abortion" and hosting a discussion with Jennifer Baumgardner, Amy Richards and other folks from the Third Wave Foundation.

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Reading: Debbie Nathan "Pornography"


While the sexual and moral compass here in the U.S. generally points toward 'porn is bad', demand and access to pornography has grown to unprecedented levels. Journalist Debbie Nathan takes an objective view on the social issues surrounding it. Thoroughly researched and written in friendly language for a young audience, Nathan's "Pornography" explores how young people take a critical approach toward this medium. Step out for a lively and important discussion, 'cause we ask, we tell, right?

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Exhibit Opening: "Modified Eros"


The opening of Modified Eros, an erotic art exhibit of photographic explorations of body modification and eroticism, featuring photography from, and curated by Audacia Ray.

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Jamye Waxman Reads "Getting Off"

Reading: Jamye Waxman "Getting Off"
Everyone masturbates, but no one talks about it. In "Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation," Jayme Waxman does talk and provides insights and facts about mastering, um, masturbation.
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$pread Sexxxy Clothing Swap

Start saving your work clothes now! On Sunday November 11th, we'll be launching the new issue back in NYC with a clothing swap for adult entertainers of all genders: strippers, pro-dommes, hookers, models, peepshow girls, and anyone else who wears sexy clothes to work.

Bring along the outfits you're bored of and trade them for even sexier ones to get a fresh new money-making look for winter! Each item of clothing you bring gets a dollar off the entry price, so if you bring 10 items or more, you get in for free.

* Sunday November 11, 2007
* Madame X, 94 W. Houston St., between La Guardia Place and Thompson St.
* 7:30 - 10pm
* $10 (a dollar off the entry price for each item of clothing you bring)

See you on the 11th!

For more info about either of these events, see our website,, or email us at
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People of Color Forum: Moderated by Lady Sabrina and Sir Guy

When you see images of BDSM and Fetish, do you ask yourself, "Where are the 'people of color'?" When you go to your favorite dungeon, do you see a cross section of the community, or is it mostly a "whites only" affair? Is it because Blacks, Latinos, Asians and other 'people of color' aren't kinky, or is there some other reason? Join Lady Sabrina and Sir Guy as they moderate a forum on 'people of color' in the Scene.

$4 Members; $8 Non-Members

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Love working on web sites? Interested in LGBT history? This might be the job for you!

The Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies (CLAGS) at City University of New York (CUNY) is looking for a project coordinator for what sounds like a fantastic project. The project is, a web site devoted to the histories of LGBT folk. Here's the job posting:

Job Description: CLAGS seeks a part-time Project Coordinator for a fledgling project,, a website on the history of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people. The main task is to work with the Director of CLAGS and the Project Director and to coordinate the development of the website in terms of content, design, development, and maintenance. Responsibilities will include assisting on grant writing, managing correspondence with the project's Advisory Board and Director, working on logistics for the annual advisory board meeting, maintaining communication with the web designers, conducting and coordinating archival work, editing content, and various other logistical and coordination activities. Additional tasks may include working with other CLAGS staff on general office administration. This position is part time (15 – 20 hours per week) at an hourly rate of $15.

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