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We now have a "Member Profiles" page!

Ever wonder who the other folks in the square are? Even the quiet ones who don't post or comment much? Now you can see a list of all the Square's members on the "Member Profiles" page. (You might have noticed the new menu link on the left side of the Public Square menu.)

Of course lots of members haven't made profiles yet, so the page looks a bit sparse. If yours is one of the blank ones, stroll over to your account area and upload an avatar, add some of your interests, tell us what you're passionate about, you know, reveal a bit of yourself! (Oh, and if you're one of the folks whose avatar disappeared in the great avatar heist of several weeks ago, please do re-upload your avatar!)

Can't recall how to edit your profile info? Click here! Want to know why we want members to have profiles? Click here!

And as always, if you have ideas about new info you'd like to see in the profiles, just use the contact form and let us know!

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Continuing development in the Square

While there may be no scaffolding to negotiate and there's certainly no yellow tape keeping you out, the truth is we're still developing things around here. Here are some changes just over the past few days:

The Links page is easier to use now, and we've moved it to the main menu (white bar at the top of the page). You can now see all the links at once, in their respective categories, instead of having to click on the category to see the links it contains.

The Calendar page is prettier now, and you can add events right form the calendar page itself rather than having to go back to the "add something new" menu. The Calendar needs help, though! Right now it's extremely NYC-centric and we'd like that to change. Do you inow of events in your area? Why not try adding a few! 

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Caution: Accidental Profile Deletion is WAY too easy!

So, last night I was trying to change the photo on my profile and deleted my entire account instead. (This caused all the content I had created to disappear -- or become disconnected from any user on the site, and so become invisible). I nearly destroyed the site. If you noticed that the site was offline for a while last night, that's why. (Chris has sworn to spank me in public for this, even though I fixed the problem before he got home from the theater, so you might want to plan to attend the launch party!)

Anyway, here's how easy it is to do, and how to avoid doing it:

There are two buttons at the bottom of your profile's "Edit" page. One says "submit" and the other says "delete." Let's say you want to delete the photo you've got there and replace it with another one. Do NOT accidentally or reflexively click "Delete." Always click "submit" for any change you make. And if you look at the page and don't make any changes, of course click "submit" to leave it as it is.

In general, where profiles are concerned, when in doubt: SUBMIT!

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How do I see other people's profiles?

Right now the only profiles you can see are those of people who have posted something on the site. You can see profiles by clicking on the name of the person who contributed.
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How do I make a profile?

If you create an account on our site you can make a profile so that other users can learn more about you. If you are logged in then you should see your name on the left-hand side bar. The first item under your name is probably "My account." If you click that link you'll see a page dedicated to your own information. Click the "edit" tab and you'll see options like "account settings," "biographical information," and "interests." Fill in any of the information you feel like sharing.

If you'd like us to add new profile questions, drop them in the "Suggestion Box" forum! (Then visit your profile page regularly so that you can add more information as we add new questions.)


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