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Leather Leadership Conference 2008

Leather Leadership Conference, a once-a-year national event that helps develop and strengthen leadership skills within the SM/Leather/Fetish community, is being held April 11-13, 2008 in San  Francisco.


LLC 12 will  feature nationally recognized presenters including titleholders,artists, activists, authors and some really twisted, kinky people - all with fire and  passion. The opening speaker will be Guy Baldwin, noted author and leather activist. The Saturday  speaker will be Michael Thorn, Editor-in-Chief of Instigator  Magazine. Closing speaker on Sunday will be Patrick Califia, noted author and outspoken advocate for BDSM.


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CineKink @ Pioneer - "Maria Beatty: The Elegant Spanking and The Seven Deadly Sins"

CineKink @ Pioneer presents... 

Maria Beatty:  The Elegant Spanking and The Seven Deadly Sins

A New Year's double-header of works from Maria Beatty, each offering up the director's signature "erotic noir" style and depictions of a ride between pain and pleasure at the hands of a beautiful temptress.


Goddess Rosemary seduces and punishes her Kitty in a play of dominance and submission, creating a fantasy world of nostalgic images that are dripping with sexual perversion.


Caught in the act of coveting her mistress' position, a young maid must submit to her sadism and her lust, her perfect body made the theatre for a re-enactment of the lessons of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Tuesday, January 8 - 7 pm


Two Boots Pioneer Theater

BoundCon V

BoundCon V
“Destination Bizarre”

we are proud to present the biggest BoundCon of all the times, maybe the biggest Fetish Convention ever in Europe. At about 5000 sqm you´ll find lots of Shows – Workshops – Shopping & more…

  • about 100 exhibitors from the international Fetish-Scene
  • 100 international Fetish Models
  • Great Shows on several stages
  • International Top Stars
  • Special Restaurant and Topless Cocktailbar
  • Bondage Workshops with some of the worlds best Bondage Masters
  • Custom Photo Shooting in a new much bigger location
  • Modelzone for the Models and Domina-Zone with pro Dommes
  • New VIP-Area with a spezial Playground, a big buffet and a perfect view to the main stage.
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Fetish Alive: Explore your fantasy...

Fetish Alive will be held on March 8, 2008, at the Hotel Congress in

downtown Tucson. This year's theme is Explore your fantasy. The ball will

provide the adult alternative lifestyle community a welcome and safe venue

for self-expression and exploration while celebrating freedom, fun,

fantasy, and fetish. The event is sponsored by Desert Dominion, an

educational and social group in Tucson Arizona whose focus is providing

information and education for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle.


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Submit to CineKink !!


 "The really alternative film festival"

February 26 - March 2, 2008

Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, CineKink NYC is seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. We're looking to blur some boundaries and will be considering offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, explicit or not, with works ranging from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn - and everything in between.

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CineKink presents "Liberty in Restraint"

 CINEKINK @ PIONEER: Liberty in Restraint

The Pioneer Theater and CineKink team up to present another evening of kinky movies, pizza and beer.



As an aspiring photographer, the clandestine world of BDSM, fetish fashion and alternative sex was a powerful attraction for Noel Graydon, whose recent death saddened the fetish community. This riveting documentary introduces the mentors, muses and masochists who inspired Noel's artistic endeavors over the years, giving a glimpse into a world of S/M enthusiasts who approach their play "like an advanced driving course in sex," one where the initiated take carnal license to extreme limits.  (Directed by Michael Ney, 2005, Australia, 90 minutes.)


Free pizza and beer reception follows for all ticket holders.

 More info and tickets are at http://www.cinekink.com/pioneer/


resurrecting the dead

i am a critical care nurse and work has been so stressful lately that i've considered changing my job description...

i wonder if that has anything to do with my need/desire to be restrained and spanked? (and various other fetishes)

well, actually i don't wonder... i know...

does anyone else see a direct or maybe not so direct correlation between some unresolved issue in their life and their sexual practices???

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Slap 'n Tickle -- A Fetish Fair

A fun filled evening of...
  • BDSM Demonstrations
  • Games
  • Raffles
  • Prizes
  • A great crowd of leather & kinky folk and our friends.
Proceeds will benefit The Center in Asbury Park , a volunteer service organization that provides emergency services as well as housing, hot meals and other day to day essentials for people living with HIV/AIDS in central NJ.  http://www.thecenterinap.com/ 

We are still seeking donations of prizes for the games, raffles and auction, and volunteers interested in helping with the following (most shifts are about 1 hour):

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Miss Vera's High Heel Class 4 All Women

Miss Vera's Amazing Grace: HowTo Walk, Sit and Pose in High Heels. A class for T-Girls and G-Girls.

212-989-0906, register@missvera.com, www.missvera.com

Advance Registration Required. Class size limited to 20 students.

Low Heels Permitted. Skirts, a must.

Tuition: $49. Register with a friend and $ave.

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Miss Vera's High Heel Class 4 All Women

Miss Vera's Amazing Grace: How To Walk, Sit and Pose in High Heels. A class for T-Girls and G-Girls.

212-989-0906, register@missvera.com, www.missvera.com

Advance Registration Required. 

Low Heels Permitted. Skirts, a must. Class size limited to 20 students.

Tuition $49/class. Sign with a friend and $ave. 

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