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Bringing Abortion Out of the Closet

It looks like the Catholic League is slithering out of the closet again.

The Catholic League is the worst of the worst who represent the Catholic Church.  Ideologically, they hail from the bad old days, when everyone named Goldberg or Lieberman had hands that were literally, personally considered to be soaked in the blood of Christ.  The League has been an active force in trying to suppress art and expression that they considered to be "anti-Catholic," which is defined extremely broadly.  The sheer slavering paranoia of the Catholic League on virtually all fronts of the "culture wars" can be summed up by a single, infamous quote by League President William Donohue from an appearance on Scarborough Country in 2004:

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Middle School Students' Trip To Planned Parenthood Investigated

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a YMCA after-school program included a field trip to Planned Parenthood.

Of course, the anti-choice nutters are screaming, and there's an investigation by the city school board now. There's even talk of "discipline" for those responsible. Heaven forbid children should actually be exposed to **shock** OPTIONS that might permit them to stay in school. Next thing you know, those heathen schools will be indoctinating the kids with SCIENCE!!!1111!!1!

Sorry, but this really bugs me.

Anyways, you can read the full CNN story here . Here's an excerpt:

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP) -- The city school board ordered an investigation into an after-school program run by the YMCA in which some middle school students were taken to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic.

New Hampshire Right to Life, an abortion opponent, is now asking for equal time with the seventh and eighth grade students, as well.

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