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Bill O'Reilly: straight teens don't have any sexuality to flaunt

I can't tell you how much it angers me that people who claim to care about the dangers faced by gender non-conforming teens contribute to that danger by insisting that the closet is the only source of safety and by spouting the kind of rhetoric that endangers the teens in the first place.

(Transcript here.)

jump in... the water's fine!!

i was just checking out the public square, admittedly after being away for a few days....well, weeks maybe, i noticed that i was the only registered user but there are 10 guest users!!!! i just wanted to encourage anyone who enjoys elizabeth's blog and enjoys checking out all the great information contained in the public square...please, please feel free to jump in!!!

be as named or anonymous as you like

be as personal or clinical as you are comfortable with

i'm sure elizabeth and chris and all the other contributors are on the edge of their seats waiting for your comments!!! and this is the last place you can imagine feeling unaccepted, out of place, ridiculed or embarrased.

i think, and spank me if i'm wrong, but the whole goal here is for open and honest adult discussion of any and all sexual issues.

cheers all!!!


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ENDA Tabled?

Khadijah Farmer, her mom Aliyah and LGBT center's Cristina Herrara So you might have been following the ENDA stories and known that it was scheduled to come up for a vote in the House last week or the week before. And you might have noticed that that didn't happen. And you might have been waiting for news about that. I even tried to put a legislation tracker on the site so we could more easily keep up with bills like ENDA. (Aside: you'll probably have noticed that so far it is only working in Safari browser.) Even with all that, I'd noticed that, well, nothing seemed to be happening. So, I've been poking around trying to figure out what's going on, and I just came across this, from October 31, by EJ Graff at TFM Cafe:

The latest news on this front: ENDA, which had been scheduled for a House floor vote this week, has been taken off the table.

The official reason that ENDA won’t come up for vote: it’s been pushed aside by other business. The generally accepted reason is the split between the Barney Frank faction and the Tammy Baldwin faction.

BoundCon V

BoundCon V
“Destination Bizarre”

we are proud to present the biggest BoundCon of all the times, maybe the biggest Fetish Convention ever in Europe. At about 5000 sqm you´ll find lots of Shows – Workshops – Shopping & more…

  • about 100 exhibitors from the international Fetish-Scene
  • 100 international Fetish Models
  • Great Shows on several stages
  • International Top Stars
  • Special Restaurant and Topless Cocktailbar
  • Bondage Workshops with some of the worlds best Bondage Masters
  • Custom Photo Shooting in a new much bigger location
  • Modelzone for the Models and Domina-Zone with pro Dommes
  • New VIP-Area with a spezial Playground, a big buffet and a perfect view to the main stage.

New forum on age of consent laws


Genarlow Wilson's case, which is back in the news because he has been freed finally, makes us think this is a good opportunity to get smart people thinking about the problems with age of consent laws.

We've opened a new forum and we invite you to join in the discussion. Right now its wide open. Anybody want to dive in? Click here to join the discussion 

For past coverage of the Wilson case on Sex in the Public Square, click here.


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Genarlow Wilson free, other teens on sex offender registries: How do we create sane age of consent policies?

Genarlow Wilson is free today after the Georgia Supreme Court ordered yesterday ordered his release. Yet the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on other teens still locked into sex offender registration for similar crimes.

Age of consent laws, and the punishments attached to them, are deeply problematic. Yet solutions to those problems are hard to even talk about in a society like ours that so stigmatizes sex outside of heterosexual marriage, and that has developed out-of-proportion fears of teens, of sex, and of the combination of the two. 

How do we get out of this mess?


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Lust Life (Stephanie Sellars)

Chronicling the erotic and romantic adventures of a New York City libertine. This is sex in the city from the refreshing perspective of a bisexual, polyamorous woman - not your typical Carrie Bradshaw!
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The danger of dismissing Fred Phelps

Westboro Baptist Church members protesting Laramie Project in Ann ArborAre he and his small band of followers on the lunatic fringe of the Christian Right, or aren't they? First they blame the wildfires in California on homosexuality. Now the loss of American troops is also the fault of gays and America's failure to properly condemn them?

The New York Times today has the story of a lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church, which is being sued for creating a media circus outside of a soldier's funeral. They protested outside the funeral carrying signs that blamed the deaths of American soldiers on the fact that the U.S. condones homosexuality. Actually they've been doing this for at least two years now, but because the father of a soldier whose funeral was protested has filed a lawsuit, Fred Phelps and his crew are back in the news.

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See no evil, see it everywhere: The cloak of invisibility renders child porn more terrifying and harder to do anything about

See no evil photo by Heather HolmanDebbie Nathan raises a taboo but important point yesterday morning: We must be allowed to see the child pornography that exists. Why? Because we can't accurately report on that which we can't see. It's a simple and obvious observation, really, and profound in its implications.

She is writing specifically about her investigation of the Kurt Eichenwald/Justin Berry story (PDF from Counterpunch), but the point applies broadly and it deserves to be amplified.

Track Sex-related legislation

Is there legislation you think we should be tracking? Drop us a note and let us know!
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