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Did you have sex?

It was no surprise to me when Bill Clinton said that he "did not have sex with that woman." What does it mean when you say you "had sex" with somebody? The Kinsey Institute has an online survey that is trying to define what that means. Help them out and take the survey.


Pillow Talk

Jump Between the Sheets five days a week for no-holds barred 'you say - I say' Q&A sessions. Check out sex toys, novelties and beyond, every Monday and join us in our search for the ultimate "O" Factor. Then to top it off, let us put some zip in your weekend with our scoop on some of the hot, juicy entertainment news out there for you to enjoy, all laid bare in our Friday Sizzle.

Out Of Body Ecstasy Sex Blog

Out Of Body Ecstasy is a companion blog to the upcoming book of the same name. It's collection, from a variety of authors, of out of body experiences (astral sex, dream sex, telepatic sex) that can enhance your physcial sex life.

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Canada, Church, Charters and Choice

I'm back in the city, which means I'm back in the country.

I just returned to NYC from Alberta and British Columbia where I spent six days meeting cousins on one branch of my partner's family tree, seeing beautiful countryside. We put over a thousand miles (1707 km) on our rental car, saw the oil industry service sector outside of Edmonton, the ranch land west of Calgary, the mountains separating Alberta and British Columbia, the lush greenness of British Columbia's Shuswap Lake region, and even got a peek at some of the disappearing glacier behind Lake Louise. And of course, as all my travels do, this one generated some sex-related insights.

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Jesus and the Jogging Shoes

pope, by Alan Light @ FlickrJust before dawn, it's a little over sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Not too bad for summertime in Colorado. Perfect jogging weather. You know it's going to hit ninety today though, so you'd better get started. You've decided to loose a little bit of that midsection you've acquired over the years of your priestly duties.

Being a Catholic priest has few physical demands, and spending every day ministering to the needs of your parish, while important and necessary, is also sedentary. Time to get started here at the local high school track.

The cool mountain air is brisk on your face. It's just a little uncomfortable on your hands, as well. Fortunately, you're not sweating too much. That wouldn't be pleasant.

You're just finishing your second lap when the red and blue flashing lights appear, and tires squeal through the parking lot. Deputy Fife and his S.W.A.T. team of armed ninjas have you surrounded.


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Why Young White Unmarried and Non-cohabiting Humans in Psychology Classes Have Sex (in America): Part II

Part two of my critique of the new sex study everybody is talking about! Part one is here .

Yesterday I wrote about my methodological concerns regarding the study by Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss, "Why Humans Have Sex," published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Today I'm looking at the reasons themselves and discussing some of the conclusions they drew, and some of the conclusions I'd draw looking at the same data.

First of all, I want to dispense with the notion that there were 237 reasons. Quantifying things is an important part of scientific research, of course, and coding data (fitting responses into categories, etc.) is a process that can never be wholly objective. (Somebody at least has to create the categories!) In this case, my criticism arises because the authors indicate that they whittled 715 initial "reasons" down to 237 by eliminating or merging responses that were "too similar" to other responses. That, they claim, produced a list of 237 "distinct reasons".

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Why Young White Unmarried and Non-cohabiting Humans in Psychology Classes Have Sex (In America)

That should probably be the title of the new study by Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss of University of Texas at Austin (PDF).

The study is an important one because it does begin to explore people's conscious, expressed motivations for having sex, a subject that has been largely ignored or taken for granted in the past. We know much more about what kinds of sex people have than we do about why they have it (or why they think they have it).

And when I read the New York Times article about the study and saw that there was such a wide range of reasons people gave, I was excited: it seemed that the researchers were breaking open some interesting ground and finding lots of diversity.

to menstruate or not to menstruate....that is the question

New pill is a true test of women's love-hate relationship with periods
Contraceptive in stores this week eliminates them, but not everyone is ready to let go

Call it a curse, a friend, even Aunt Flo — but don't call it obligatory.

As the new birth control pill that eliminates women's periods hits pharmacies this week, some will say goodbye to menstruation. More though, it seems, are wary of eliminating the monthly bleeding that's symbolic of womanhood.

"That scares me," said Melinda Perez, 35, of League City. "It plays too much with the way your body naturally needs to work."

Lybrel, a low-dose oral contraceptive manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, uses the same hormones as birth control pills that have been available for decades to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. But unlike traditional pills, this package includes no placebos at the end of a cycle. And that means no menstruation.

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god does not want 16 children

"Who are you to judge? Who are you to say that the more than slightly creepy 39-year-old woman from Arkansas who just gave birth to her 16th child yes that's right 16 kids and try not to cringe in phantom vaginal pain when you say it, who are you to say Michelle Duggar is not more than a little unhinged and sad and lost?

And furthermore, who are you to suggest that her equally troubling husband -- whose name is, of course, Jim Bob and he's hankerin' to be a Republican senator and try not to wince in sociopolitical pain when you say that -- isn't more than a little numb to the real world, and that bringing 16 hungry mewling attention-deprived kids (and she wants more! Yay!) into this exhausted world zips right by "touching" and races right past "disturbing" and lurches its way, heaving and gasping and sweating from the karmic armpits, straight into "Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with you people?"

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