Summary Statement: Special Forum on Sex Work, Trafficking and Human Rights

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Summary Statement: Special Forum on Sex Work, Trafficking and Human Rights


With the participation of over a dozen prominent sex worker advocates, researchers and writers, we've had a very productive week! If you're into numbers, during the forum we had about 4,000 visits from nearly 3,500 unique visitors for a total of nearly 10,500 page views. While the forum officially ends today, the forum topics will remain on the site and active so we can continue the conversations as we like.

The forum addressed a range of topics from labor rights to immigration, and from variations in individual experiences in sex work to the way that consumers in the sex industry are understood. We think that the following are some of the most important points to emerge from the discussions:

Special Forum: Sex Work, Trafficking and Human Rights - click on the banner to enter

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Forum topic posts will be shown here, on the front page, too!

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*NEW*: Local Forums

We've just added forums for a bunch of metro areas. You'll find them toward the bottom of the list on the forums page (so they don't get in the way of the topic-specific forums), and metro areas are listed in alphabetical order. I've started just with those metro areas from which I've noticed significant numbers of visits. Since we're pretty new, this is only a handful of places. If you don't see one for your area, please let me know! (Use the contact form under the "About Us" menu.)

We're thinking these local forums can be a way for people to talk about issues that are facing their own local communities, and as a way for people to meet other interesting people in their areas, but we're sure you'll come up with other interesting uses for them!


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