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"Doing it Decent" answers your questions about sexual ethics

There are lots of sex advice columns out there. Most deal with practical, technical, emotional and idenity-related questions about sex. Now there is a place you can go to get your ethics questions answered. Cory Silverberg, the sexuality guide at launched Doing it Decent, a twice-a-month column that will address your thorny sexual ethics dilemmas.

Here's a peek at the first two questions:

My girlfriend and I both work from home and last Wednesday we took a lunch break to go for a walk in our local park (which I’ll add is usually deserted). I was feeling bored and horny and suggested to my girlfriend that we have sex in an area almost completely hidden by bushes. She didn’t want to and said it was wrong, I think she’s just a prude. Is there anything to her argument?

Read the answer here.


Questions about transitioning from a monogamous to an "open" relationship

 And I apologize in advance for not knowing the correct terminology to use here (please feel free to educate me). When I say transitioning to an "open" relationship, I mean any relationship that previously involved two people as a monogamous couple, where now one or both parties is able to engage in a physically and/or emotionally intimate relationship with one or more “new” people outside of the previously established relationship. For the purposes of the questions I’m about to ask, this definition doesn’t apply to a couple which has jointly taken on a third party (or another couple) to be added to their existing relationship (but I welcome responses from people of all experiences).

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Lust Life (Stephanie Sellars)

Chronicling the erotic and romantic adventures of a New York City libertine. This is sex in the city from the refreshing perspective of a bisexual, polyamorous woman - not your typical Carrie Bradshaw!

Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love and the Sensual Years

Reviewed by Jeff Rosenfeld, Ph.D.
Director, Gerontology Program, Hofstra University
Professor, Sociology, Nassau Community College

It may take just one village to raise a child. But Dr. Pepper Schwartz finds that it takes a few different villages to fully enjoy “The Sensual Years”: Earthy villages for sharing the joys and woes of that sensuality; and other, slightly more upscale villages, for staying energized and “lush”. The fact that we come to recognize these as separate villages is both the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of this important book.

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Midwest Teen Sex Show

A sex info podcast meant to be entertaining as well as informative, and delivered from the Midwest because "not all teens live in Orange County." 

Ruby Tells All

Sex advice and commentary from a wildly orgasmic slut.
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Sex Calumny

A "discussion panel" approach to sex advice offering readers who submit questions a wide range of expeirences and opinions rather than a single viewpoint.

*This is not advice by sex therapists or doctors. If you're looking for expert advice look in the Sexuality Research and Information section. 

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