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Early notes from the Blog-In at Bound, Not Gagged

Bound, Not Gagged screenshot Some quick early excerpts from the ongoing blog-in at Bound, Not Gagged , where sex workers and allies are challenging the mainstream media's distorted representation of sex workers.

From Karly Kirchner's "An Open Letter to Melissa Farley"

Sex workers are allies in the struggle to prevent and resist sexual assault and forced prostitution.

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"Blog-in" response to Melissa Farley and Bob Herbert

Surf over to Bound, Not Gagged where Desiree Alliance and friends will be blogging about the mainstream media's reliance on distorted research on prostitution, its conflation of sex work and human trafficking, and it's reflexively anti-sex work bias. In particular they'll be responding to the recent pieces by Bob Herbert and the recent reliance on work by Melissa Farley. Jump into the discussion!

Click here for more info.

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CLOSED: Live-blog response to Melissa Farley, Bob Herbert and the Mainstream Media bias against sex work

Sex Workers Unite protest in LondonYou know we've been challenging the Bob Herbert/Melissa Farley stories here, so I'm glad to be able to tell you about a "blog-in " over at Bound, Not Gagged where sex workers and their allies can respond to the mainstream media's reliance on distorted research on prostitution, its conflation of sex work and human trafficking, and it's reflexively anti-sex work bias. Thanks to Iamcuriousblue, of the Blog for Pro-porn Activism, who let us know about this in the comments on my Bob Herbert post.

Call to Action!!! ***Please circulate widely***

Who: Desiree Alliance and Friends

What: Live-blog response to Farley

When: September 17, 2007 Beginning at 3pm PST 6pm EST and going all night


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Bringing Abortion Out of the Closet

It looks like the Catholic League is slithering out of the closet again.

The Catholic League is the worst of the worst who represent the Catholic Church.  Ideologically, they hail from the bad old days, when everyone named Goldberg or Lieberman had hands that were literally, personally considered to be soaked in the blood of Christ.  The League has been an active force in trying to suppress art and expression that they considered to be "anti-Catholic," which is defined extremely broadly.  The sheer slavering paranoia of the Catholic League on virtually all fronts of the "culture wars" can be summed up by a single, infamous quote by League President William Donohue from an appearance on Scarborough Country in 2004:

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Audacia Ray Talks About the Fuckbot Takeover

Violet Blue just did a cool video interview with Audacia Ray about her new book, Naked on the Internet. You can check it out on theAudacia Ray website for Geek Entertainment TV; among other things, Audacia talks about the coming "Fuckbot Takeover." Watch the video if you wanna know that is.

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Violet Blue: Open Source Sex

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Fetish Flame Podcast

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Mistrial in the Tory Bowen/Pamir Safi rape case

On my WordPress blog a few weeks ago I wrote about Tory Bowen, Pamir Safi and the ruling made by a judge that Bowen could not use the word "rape" in her testimony against Safi. Bowen alleges that Safi raped her while she was asleep, and his first trial ended in a hung jury. His second trial was just about to begin, but...

According to the AP, via the New York Times:

Filed at 10:00 a.m. ET

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Before a jury was even seated, a judge declared a mistrial in a sex-assault case where he had barred the words ”rape” and ”victim.”

Judge Jeffre Cheuvront of Lancaster County District Court said protests and other publicity surrounding the rape case against Pamir Safi, 33, would have made it too difficult for jurors to ignore everything they heard before the trial, which had been expected to begin next week.

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CLOSED: Tell FOX and CBS that Condom Ads Should Mention Preventing Pregnancy!

Yesterday's New York Times reported that two networks, FOX and CBS, refused to accept Trojan's new condom ad campaign because it explicitly mentions using the condoms to prevent pregnancy. FOX reportedly told Trojan that any ad campaign for contraception needed to put the focus on disease prevention. ABC reportedly told the company that the campaign was just inappropriate, even for their late night viewers.

Both networks ran Trojans previous campaign advertising condoms for HIV prevention.

Mark Crispin Miller, an NYU communications and media expert, is quoted in the Times article pointing out that lots of content on major networks is "salacious" and calles the decision by these two networks "hypocritical."

An email alert from Planned Parenthood Federation of America is more specific:

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CLOSED: Ask Time Magazine to correct false info on EC

In this Time Magazine article about the pro-choice movement in Mexico, and about anti-abortion politics in Latin America more generally, the author describes Emergency Contraception as “abortion inducing.”
    Underground abortions are one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in Chile. Although Chile has one of South America’s strictest anti-abortion codes, it’s estimated to have twice as many abortions each year (200,000) as Canada — a country with twice Chile’s population. (Abortion is legal in Canada.) As a result, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, a socialist, late last year sanctioned the free distribution of abortion-inducing “morning-after” contraception pills at government-run hospitals. (Emphasis mine.)
This is a major problem. Not only is it inaccurate, but to describe emergency contraception as an abortion-inducing pill is to greatly reduce its chances of acceptance by people who oppose abortion, and increase the stigma attached to its use.

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