gender equality

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Conventions, Suffrage and Equality

On August 26th 1920, the Nineteeth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law, allowing women to vote in Presidential elections. In 1971 Congress enshrined this date in the following resolution;

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NYC spends $29,000 to arrest a topless woman

This from the AP (sent by Will who saw it on MSNBC and is always generous in sharing “can you believe this madness type stories.)

It seems that despite an appeals court ruling 15 years ago that determined women have the right to be shirtless anywhere men are allowed to be shirtless, the New York City police arrested a woman, Jill Coccaro, (now known as Phoenix Feeley) two years ago for “indecent exposure” when she walked topless in public.

She was held for 12 hours before she was released and told she would not be prosecuted. She claims that during that time she was treated roughly and also taken for a mental health exam.

So if you’re shirtless in public and you’re female you must be crazy?

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