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More Billboard Family Values from my Midwest Trip

Another billboard values series:

Monogamy(100) ad image

I've now seen this image on several billboards in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, but again, I wasn't fast enough to capture them myself. This image comes from the Hearts On Fire web site, where I also learned that this is not actually a midwestern phenomenon, but that the campaign has been featured on the Ellen Degeneris Show, the Martha Stewart show and other national media.

It's interesting to think about what monogamy does for people and what diamonds do for monogamy. According the Hearts on Fire TV ad monogamy itself is potentially pretty boring. Yet passionate, interesting, and romantic people also need monogamy so they need something that brings it alive. Apparently that something is not their own sparkling personalities, but rather that something is diamonds.

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Responsible Non-Monogamy

As a firm believer in the tenet that the human animal, such as we are, is not - nor was ever - geneteically predisposed to be monogamous, I am nevertheless a proponent of responsible non-monogamy as opposed to gratuitous, anonymous sexual encounters. While each may have its place, the former allows for the development of stronger and more vibrant relationship between partners who are on the same or similar pages when they embark on this journey.

As the host of a group that currently has 3000 sexually explorative member couples, I have been witness to most everything, bad and good, that might present itself in situations of this sort. I have seen couples blossom by coming out and opening themselves up to sexual exploration with others. Generally, these are couples with already strong bonds that are looking to expand their horizons by including others in their sex play - be they one time encounters or ongoing intimate relationships.

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Monogamy and cheating

I was reading Doonesbury yesterday and the cartoon pointed out the hypocrisy of certain Republican candidates for the presidential nomination. Between three of the leading Republican candidates, there are five divorces, "four really messy and all involving adultery."

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