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Female condom

A new advancement in barrier protection.

Today’s conference call was a report on the development of the new version, FC2. They’ve taken the feedback from users and agencies into account and have definitely improved the product. FC2 is made from nitrile, so it doesn’t have the seam or the plastic bag sound. It’s also at least 30% less expensive than the first version (the cost per unit decreases with higher volume), and it’s still latex-free.

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Family Planning Advice You Can Use

There's a lot to say about the ineptitude and lack of foresight involved in the creation of this sign, but ultimately, the message gives some good, solid advice for those who don't want to accidentally reproduce. (via)

birth control prices soar for college students

it's appalling that the price of birth control impacts a young woman's decision to buy them or not.

to menstruate or not to menstruate....that is the question

New pill is a true test of women's love-hate relationship with periods
Contraceptive in stores this week eliminates them, but not everyone is ready to let go

Call it a curse, a friend, even Aunt Flo — but don't call it obligatory.

As the new birth control pill that eliminates women's periods hits pharmacies this week, some will say goodbye to menstruation. More though, it seems, are wary of eliminating the monthly bleeding that's symbolic of womanhood.

"That scares me," said Melinda Perez, 35, of League City. "It plays too much with the way your body naturally needs to work."

Lybrel, a low-dose oral contraceptive manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, uses the same hormones as birth control pills that have been available for decades to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. But unlike traditional pills, this package includes no placebos at the end of a cycle. And that means no menstruation.

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Eisenstadt v. Baird

In 1972 the US Supreme Court decides that laws criminalizing the distribution of contraception to unmarried people are unconstitutional.
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Griswold v. Connecticut

In 1965 the US Supreme Court finds that laws prohibiting the distribution of contraception to married people violates people's rights to privacy.
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