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Come See Carol Queen, Nina Hartley and Dennis Sobin While Supporting Sexual Freedom and Haitian Relief Efforts

This weekend I'm traveling to Washington DC for a Woodhull Freedom Foundation meeting (I joined their advisory council last summer) and I'm thrilled that I'll be in town there for this benefit event featuring Carol Queen, Nina Hartley and Dennis Sobin. If you're in the neighborhood (or can get to the neighborhood) don't miss it! Here are the details, as posted on Tied Up Events


Join The Woodhull Freedom Foundation SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, for a celebration of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, hosted by Carol Queen, Nina Hartley & Dennis Sobin.

You won’t want to miss this fabulous evening – including famous Kennedy Center classical guitar artist Dennis Sobin, who will perform at the champagne reception that begins at 6:30pm (donation, $100)

After the reception, doors open at 7:30 for the 8:00 performance of scenes from PEEP SHOW, performed by Carol Queen – her solo spoken word piece about working at San Francisco’s famed Lusty Lady theater as a professional Real Life Nude Girl.

Then hold onto your seats for Nina Hartley – currently in rehearsals for The Vagina Monologues – sharing a private performance from the show!

Cost: $100 for the private champagne reception where you will be able to enjoy some one-on-one time with the performers and other Woodhull board and staff members, as well as some local candidates and elected officials.


$20 suggested donation for the performance that begins at 8 (doors open at 7:30) – but give as you’re able for this fun event!

Your donation is completely tax-deductible and will be used to help advance our movement for the affimration of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Tickets are limited.  Click here to purchase yours.




PS:  Please note that a portion of donations received for this event will be donated to Partners for Health to benefit the Haitian Relief Effort

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Carol Queen in NYC

A very fabulous evening at Happy Ending Lounge last night. Hosted by Carol Queen as a fundraiser for San Francisco's Center for Sex & Culture, the evening featured a great line-up of readers.

Carol Queen reading from my favorite story of hers, Leather Daddy and the Femme.

Click here for more photos from the evening!

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Wherein Carol Queen comes to NYC and we gather smart people together to drink and talk sex!

I wish I'd marked on my calendar the date I first read Carol Queen's The Leather Daddy and the Femme. That would be the date when something clicked inside my brain and connected the fragmented parts of my erotic and intellectual understanding of my sexuality. Real Live Nude Girl and Pomosexuals cemented my crush on Carol. And then several years ago through a remarkable chain of mutual friends and happy coincidences we got to know each other "IRL". I'm thrilled that now Sex In The Public Square and Center for Sex and Culture can work together on all things sexual-freedom-related. To that end, we're co-hosting a cocktail hour and reading on Monday, June 8 from 6-9 in NYC. The event is free and open to the public (as long as you're over 21). Donations to Center for Sex and Culture are welcomed, and we're counting on you to help us meet our bar guarantee!

What: A Sex-Positive Soiree and Reading

Who: Carol Queen visits from San Francisco, joined by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Elizabeth Wood, Audacia Ray, and Sinclair Sexsmith!

When: Monday, June 8, 6-9 pm (reading will start between 7:30-8, last about an hour).

Where: Happy Ending, 302 Broome Street, NYC 

Why: Carol Queen's coming through town and wants to collaborate with her friends Rachel and Elizabeth to make a space for connecting, schmoozing, touching base, and furthering plans for sex-positive world domination! Her SF nonprofit The Center for Sex & Culture has hosted Rachel Kramer Bussel, worked with Elizabeth Wood on her online community Sex in the Public Square, and has plans to expand its educational and cultural offerings online as soon as we can (if we can't afford NY real estate, at least we can visit you via your computers). Come mingle with your fellow NY sex people and meet some new ones, then enjoy a reading that will surely be more salaciously smart/sexy brain candy than most people ever get on a Monday (and in some cases, sadly, EVER). Cosponsored by the hotties at the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar ( to benefit Free calendars! Signed! (The theme for the 2010 calendar, in production now, is sexual freedom -- yay NYC Sex Bloggers!)

Open to everyone 21+ -- please pass it on.

How much: FREE, but we have a bar guarantee to meet, so have a drink, and donations will be gratefully accepted for the Center for Sex & Culture -- no amount to big or too small, and tax-deductible!

Click here for more info about our readers - It's a fabulous lineup!

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Come for a good cause!

This Sunday, May 25, is the annual masturbate-a-thon. Learn about masturbation as safe sex and help raise money for Center for Sex and Culture.

Watch this video of Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence discussing the masturbate-a-thon and you will learn that National Masturbation Month (of which the 'thon is a central event) was founded by the sex educators at Good Vibrations in protest of the firing of Dr. Jocelyn Elders, who was Surgeon General for a short time during Bill Clinton's first administration. You may recall she was fired after suggesting that teaching young people about masturbation would help prevent STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and improve sexual health, and delay the start of sexual intercourse.

Interview With Dr. Carol Queen

Sex in the Public Square is proud to present this interview with one of the great sex writers and activists of our time, Dr. Carol Queen. This interview was conducted by Sabrina Chapadjiev in 2005 and originally published in her 'zine, Cliterature.

This is a crucial cultural function of erotic literature: It always serves as a kind of protest literature exploring (and exploding) taboos, gender roles, and socially imposed notions of appropriate sexuality. So says the erotologist, the academic analyst of erotica, in me, but more than that, it is crucial to me personally as I try to carve a space for myself in the world that acknowledges the true possibility of an alternative female sexuality that is exploratory, voracious, curious, pansexual, open to multiple sources of pleasure.
from the essay, "What Do Women Want? We Want to Be Big Slutty Fags, Among Other Things," by Carol Queen

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Carol Queen's Birthday Party

The most fabulous Carol Queen is throwing herself a party as she turns a glorious fifty years old, and she wants you to be there! Here's what she's tempting you with:

Disco! (Hey, if you had half as much fun as I did when disco was young, you'd like it too.)
Dress accordingly, or just dress to impress!
Entertainment! A few of my favorite performers will entertain me, and you, with a reading, maybe a lil' dance, or a serenade... Refreshments! A very fabulous raffle! Spin the Good Vibes Wheel of Swag for prizes! And... A ROAST! Yes, listen to my friends and colleagues tell all my secrets. If they leave anything out, maybe I'll tell one of my own!

All the dough generated by the raffle, the wheel-o-prizes, and any friendly non-profit extortion we may engage in will go right to the Center for Sex & Culture! But there's no charge to come to the party. Please drop by if you can! And feel free to spread the word.

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