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Rebecca Chalker on Evolver - This Saturday!

On July 17 at 2:00 p.m., I'm appearing on a teleseminar produced by and It’s called an Evolver Intensive, and is titled "The Sexual Evolution: How to use advanced techniques of ecstasy to improve your love life and reach higher states of health and happiness." I'll be interviewed by the fabulous Jamye Waxman, who dubbed "the nexxxt generation of sex educator," and I'll be talking about what else? the clitoris. Go to this link to get details about the seminar and the other stellar participants, Candida Royale, Barbara Carrellas, and Patricia Taylor.

Here's the link for full information on the entire series: There's a discount available to my friends. Discount Coupon code: ECSTASY (20% off : $50 - $10 == $40).


Body Electric School

The work of Body Electric is to help people experience their potential as fully integrated, loving and self-aware beings through personal growth exercises, touch, conscious breath, and honoring the wisdom of the body. The individual’s work can then affect healthy and positive changes within other communities.


For 25 years The Body Electric School has been and continues to be a unique resource for people seeking to be more comfortable in their bodies and for those who are looking to connect on deeper levels with others. People register for classes for a variety of reasons and the results are usually surprising and often extremely satisfying.

Please take a look at our offerings. There are many opportunities for exploring your path as an erotic and spiritual being.


Body Electric School's Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women

Body Electric School's newly updated Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women in New York City

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Miss Vera's Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls

Welcome to the world's first and only crossdressing academy, the place where dreams can and do come true.
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