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Support Independent, Reliable Sex Ed for Teens: Scarleteen needs you!

Support Scarleteen graphic I love Scarleteen. I am proud to be a monthly contributor. Why?

Scarleteen is one of the most reliable sources of independent sex education available to teens. By "independent" I mean that they receive no federal, state, or local funds and are also noncommercial.

Scarleteen is designed specifically for teens and presents sexual health information in a clear and nonjudgmental way. It is maintained by people who care deeply about making sure that teens have access to accurate information with which to make decisions about their bodies and their relationships.

 From Heather Corinna, the indomitable force behind Scarleteen, I learned just how much use the site gets:

25,000 unique users daily, with an average of 3.5 page loads apiece.

43,000 registered users on their always-moderated message boards. Scarleteen's staff and voluteers have answered every one of teh 63,000 topis teens have posted, providing honest, accurate and nonjudgmental answers.

900 "Sexpert Advice" columns. "Sexpert Advice" is also syndicated on RH Reality Check (another fabulous information resource).

In addition to blog posts and active forms, Scarleteen runs a text message service where teens can text questions to 66746 (keyword "ASKST") and receive answers directly on their phones.

They do all this with very little money and the unbelievable energy of people like Heather Corinna. And because she is Heather Corinna, she has big plans for the future, provided the money is there. In Scarleteen's plans for 2010?

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Heather Corinna wins Sexual Literacy Grassroots Activism Award

I just read over at Figleaf's Real Adult Sex that one of our all time favorite sex activists has just been recognized for her amazing work. Heather Corinna is the founder, editor, fundraiser and amazing force behind Scarleteen, the incredible sex info site for teens. I've raved about Scarleteen before for the way it doesn't talk down to teens, answers real questions, and doesn't reduce sex to mechanics and plumbing, but recognizes the complexity of relationships, emotions, mental and physical health.

Heather is also the author of S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College.

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RKB Interviews Heather Corinna

Rachel Kramer BusselRachel Kramer Bussel is an unavoidable presence in the New York City sex and literary scenes. The woman is an absolute whirlwind of activity; she always has something new in the works, and anyone who's scanned the erotica section of their local books has seen her name a lot, on the spines of books like She's On Top, Up All Night, and Caught Looking. I swear to god the woman is popping some kind of literary Viagra. In addition to all her writing and editing, she also runs a monthly reading series on Manhattan's Lower East Side called In the Flesh.

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