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Midwest Teen Sex Show

A sex info podcast meant to be entertaining as well as informative, and delivered from the Midwest because "not all teens live in Orange County." 

Hot Wire - Your Libido's Ignition

Take one sexpert, lock them away with a microphone, and wait for spontaneous combustion. Hot Wire is your monthly source of expert tips and inside news brought to you each month by podcast. Think of it as your G-Spot for getting sexual nibbles, bites and naughty suggestions to ignite your libido! We go wherever the sexual urge takes us. It’s like being shut in a sauna with a sexpert. In fact, that’s exactly what it is…

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Boinkology on blip.tv

From Lux Nightmare: "Intelligent analysis of sex and culture. Because sex rocks, and we should talk about it. For more awesomeness, go to Boinkology.com."
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Violet Blue: Open Source Sex

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Fetish Flame Podcast

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