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Deliciously Naughty Tips About Pregnant Kink

Blogger Deliciously Naughty has recently found herself knocked up and on the very brink of adding a third member to her household (how the hell did that happen, DN?). Whether you know DN in real life or only through her writing, you know how much she loves her kink, and pregnancy adds extra challenges to vanilla sexuality, never mind activities like bondage and flogging, and literature on the practicalities of dealing with those desires and practices is rare at best. Ironically, once women enter the role of mother, it makes it even more important for them to be well-behaved and chaste.

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The good news and bad news about the new teen birth rate data

(Note: This was originally published on my Wordpress blog and was collected here via RSS, but it contained an error which has now been corrected on the original blog and can't be corrected in the RSS version collected here, so I'm republishing it. I've decided to just cross-post all my blog writing so that this RSS problem won't be an issue in the future.)

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