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Genderplayful Marketplace - an exciting new project by Sara Dopp

Sara Dopp, founder of Genderfork and longtime brilliant blogger and social media mobilizer extraordinaire has a very important new project and I want you to know about it. The idea is this: creating an online marketplace where people can sell clothing and accessories to each other and share ideas and tips about how to look the way they want to look without being constrained by department store fashions. The idea is particularly important for those of us who don't find clothing that both represents our gender expressions and and also fits our bodies at the same time. In Sara's words this would be:

a genderplayful, body-positive, fashion-savvy online marketplace. This would be a space where people sell to each other (like Ebay and Etsy), with a focused emphasis on solving all of our wardrobe problems. Together.
We’d pull in a mix of indie clothing designers, body-savvy tailors for custom alterations, small business clothing shops, crafters, and folks who want to share things from their closet. All with a celebratory and problem-solving emphasis on creating clothes that fit our genders, styles, and bodies.

If you prefer video explanations, I think you'll enjoy this one:

I love community-driven solutions to real people's actual problems. There are too many manufactured "solutions" to artificially constructed problems. Are you interested? Let Sara know. This can't be done without evidence that people want and need it. Send an email to, check out the genderfork post about the marketplace, comment here or there, or make a video of your own explaining why you need this kind of marketplace.


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Dark Odyssey-Winter Fire

A journey of sexual adventure, where open minded people gather to explore Tantra, Polyamory, Intimate Communications, BDSM, Alternative Lifestyles and more. With nationally known presenters, hands on workshops, intriguing lectures and exciting social events, experience a vacation you are sure to not forget. For information visit
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Help playwright Jorge Cortinas and see some fantastic performers at New Dramatists

I just received this notice, sent by Lisa Duggan to the NYU Gender Studies list and thought that readers of this site who are near NYC might really want to attend:


First you fracture it, preferably when you're in between insurance coverage so you're stuck with some significant bills. That's what Jorge did. We've only managed to raise some of the money, so now we're throwing him a benefit at New Dramatists on January 17th, starting at 7 PM to help offset the rest of the costs.

The fundraiser/performance event at New Dramatists below is for the brilliant queer Latino playwright Jorge Cortinas, who fractured his clavicle in a bicycle accident during a period of being uninsured.

Please come, circulate the announcement, and help pack the house.

(If you don't know Cortinas' work check out the listing from New Dramatists below, then scroll down to the fundraiser announcement.)

jump in... the water's fine!!

i was just checking out the public square, admittedly after being away for a few days....well, weeks maybe, i noticed that i was the only registered user but there are 10 guest users!!!! i just wanted to encourage anyone who enjoys elizabeth's blog and enjoys checking out all the great information contained in the public square...please, please feel free to jump in!!!

be as named or anonymous as you like

be as personal or clinical as you are comfortable with

i'm sure elizabeth and chris and all the other contributors are on the edge of their seats waiting for your comments!!! and this is the last place you can imagine feeling unaccepted, out of place, ridiculed or embarrased.

i think, and spank me if i'm wrong, but the whole goal here is for open and honest adult discussion of any and all sexual issues.

cheers all!!!


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We now have a "Member Profiles" page!

Ever wonder who the other folks in the square are? Even the quiet ones who don't post or comment much? Now you can see a list of all the Square's members on the "Member Profiles" page. (You might have noticed the new menu link on the left side of the Public Square menu.)

Of course lots of members haven't made profiles yet, so the page looks a bit sparse. If yours is one of the blank ones, stroll over to your account area and upload an avatar, add some of your interests, tell us what you're passionate about, you know, reveal a bit of yourself! (Oh, and if you're one of the folks whose avatar disappeared in the great avatar heist of several weeks ago, please do re-upload your avatar!)

Can't recall how to edit your profile info? Click here! Want to know why we want members to have profiles? Click here!

And as always, if you have ideas about new info you'd like to see in the profiles, just use the contact form and let us know!

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Tom Paine says we make a difference!

Tom PaineTom Paine, co-author of Polyamourously Perverse (and a member of this site), calls us a blog that makes a difference! Click here to read his description of our site and others that he thinks "make a difference."

A quick correction, though: You don't need to join this site post comments. You do need to join ifyou want to post new forum topics. And of course we encourage you to join because above all we're trying to build community, and communities need members.

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Why make a profile?

Why not!

Profiles help us connect with each other. You can reveal as little or as much as you want, but if we're going to try building some community, it's more fun if we know a little bit about each other.

Also, the profiles are now searchable! Looking for people who share a common interest or who live in your area? Use the "Search" link in the main menu bar on the top of the page and select the "User Profiles" tab.

Need info on how to fill in your profile? Click here.

Profiles are always evolving, so check your "My account" area now and then to see if new fields have been added. And if there is info you'd like to see included in the profiles, please drop us a note and let us know!

Austin: weird but not freaky

There's a pretty big lifestyler and bdsm scene in Austin but my sense is that these scenes are WAY underground, certainly compared to the west coast or eastern seaboard.  There are no public sex clubs or play spaces in Austin like the Wet Spot in Seattle or p/e in SF.  Naturally Texas politics is to blame, but is that the whole story?  I'd like to hear other opinions about this (maybe I'm wrong?).

This is where I'll fly my own flag, as I tried to raise this subject in an occasional column I write for That Other Paper in Austin. 

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No Freakin' Amazon!

This afternoon, I was chatting online with Elizabeth, and somewhere between making lewd, ungentlemanly suggestions and parsing CSS code, I made a policy suggestion about the site. Put succinctly, it was this:

NO Freakin' Amazon links!

How this site works

This site works like a combination of a blog and a more formal web site. The "front page" (what you get when you click on "The Public Square" or the header image) will always, in the center column, list the newest content on the site.

Content comes in a variety of forms. There are member blogs, forums, polls, news stories, announcements, reviews, calls for action, and resource lists. (If there are new kinds of content you're interested in, let us know!)

The menus at the top of the page will help you navigate through the site. Several of the main menu items have submenus. This page, for example, comes under the Welcome! menu because it is a page that will be useful mostly to people just joining in for the first time.

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