Nora Dye

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Wanderlust with Rhonda

If you can't come to our "coming out party" because you're in San Francisco then consider this very worthwhile event. Nora Dye rode across the country on her bike to promote sex education, and sexual and reproductive freedom. She is a remarkable young woman and her project is worthy of tremendous celebration!


Nora Dye says: 15 weeks on my bicycle. 4600 miles across the country. 19 states. 2 massive dog bites. Wrong turns, dazzling vistas, bears, moose, and midwestern misadventures.

Plus enough stories about sex, politics and culture to tease your brain and challenge all the things you thought you knew about the politics of sexual freedom in America.

Join me, Rhonda and my temporarily rock hard calves for a report back and slide show of my adventures across the US. Find out what they're thinking in Wyoming, why they can't get enough of masturbation in Ithaca and why they're doing things in Madison that will blow your mind.

Join us for a fun filled night of adventures, laughter and good conversation!

6:30 PM Appetizers and refreshments
7:00 PM Slide show and stories from Nora

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