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Taking a lesson from Southern Poverty Law Center

 US National Archives photo of women posing for safety promotionIn my mail today from Southern Poverty Law Center:

"No woman should be forced to sacrifice her personal dignity and human rights for a paycheck ... These women -- some of the most vulnerable people in our society -- are being raped, violently assaulted, and otherwise exploited .... "

No, this isn't a story about sex trafficking. This is a story about immigrant women working in factories in fields all across the country. And SPLC's response is not to criminalize their work, thus penalizing the victims, but rather to help them file lawsuits against their employers and attackers. You can read about one such case, U.S. EEOC, et al. vs. Tuscarora Yarns, here.

It struck me as a stark and important contrast to the antiprostitution activists who claim to be working to help victims of exploitation but who are really further victimizing them by criminalizing their livelihood instead of prosecuting abusers. SPLC's strategy makes it clear that they understand the issues: All people have a right to earn a living. No person should be subject to abuse, violence, or exploitation at work. Workers in many industries put their bodies at risk to do their work, but those risks should be minimized and worker safety is everybody's concern.

This is a lesson that feminists who claim they want to protect women in the sex industry ought to learn.

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Migration, sex, work, and policy

Its interesting that we've largely gotten away from the "trafficking" part of the original discussion, and maybe that's partly because it's even harder to talk about than sex work is.

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The Immigration Debate: LGBT Perspectives

We all too often keep important political issues separated in our mind but recognizing the ways they intersect is often the only way to produce smart policy. This event highlights the intersection of two sets of issues that many people keep separate in their minds, but that really have significant areas of overlap especially around questions discrimination, civil rights, and family status.

The Immigration Issue: LBGT Perspectives poster


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