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Dedicated to bringing you the best sex news, reviews, advice, and erotica anywhere in the universe!

Who is Speak Sexy?

Rose Rivera is the primary author and founder of Speak Sexy, LLC. She has a Masters degree in Family & Sexuality Studies from KUL, Belgium and a B.A. in Psychology from Hampshire College, USA.

Her passions include learning about sexuality, sharing that knowledge with others, and exploring/exposing the cultural “taboos” that surround so much of human sexual behavior.

Site Includes: Sexuality Articles, Sex News, Erotic Photography, and Videos.

Hot Wire - Your Libido's Ignition

Take one sexpert, lock them away with a microphone, and wait for spontaneous combustion. Hot Wire is your monthly source of expert tips and inside news brought to you each month by podcast. Think of it as your G-Spot for getting sexual nibbles, bites and naughty suggestions to ignite your libido! We go wherever the sexual urge takes us. It’s like being shut in a sauna with a sexpert. In fact, that’s exactly what it is…

Pillow Talk

Jump Between the Sheets five days a week for no-holds barred 'you say - I say' Q&A sessions. Check out sex toys, novelties and beyond, every Monday and join us in our search for the ultimate "O" Factor. Then to top it off, let us put some zip in your weekend with our scoop on some of the hot, juicy entertainment news out there for you to enjoy, all laid bare in our Friday Sizzle.
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