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You have no idea who you’re talking to


I put feminist bumper stickers on my asshole neighbor's redneck pickup truck photo

I made a new acquaintance the other day. I had seen her before. She’s a lesbian. We have some of the same friends and we travel in some of the same circles.

One common theme that comes up often in some of these circles is how straight men are assholes. And it’s true that a lot of them are assholes. But not all of them. Straight people. The topic comes up so often in the women’s community. It seems acceptable to complain about the straights. Like it’s a topic we all can agree on. We should all be able to commiserate about how horrible the straight people are. Especially those clueless straight men who just don’t get it.

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Gender Education and Advocacy

A US-based organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people. Lots of great educational, medical, legal and social resources for transfolk, intersex people, or anybody interested in gender beyond the man/woman boy/girl dichotomies.
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