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Progress NEVER comes fast enough. But it comes.

Winning rights isn't about patience. It is about persistence and perseverance and the recognition of progress that it happens.

President Obama speaking to the Human Rights Campaign meeting last night.

A wonderful orator, he started with gratitude for the opportunity to open for Lady GaGa. He went on to say many important things but one was "None of us wants to be defined by just one part of what makes us whole" after saying that every issue he deals with touches on the LGBT community: jobs, war, schools, health care. EVERYTHING is an LGBT issue. And he recognized progress made in some areas specific to LBGT communities while acknowledging that progress has not come fast enough in other areas, saying that it was not for him to counsel patience any more than it would have been appropriate to counsel patience for African Americans during the civil rights movement.

Meanwhile in DC: 


What progress:

  • President Obama attended the HRC event and promised to sign the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill next week.
  • President Obama acknowledged that LGBT residents are denied their full rights and responsibilities as citizens, but also that justice is not done by seeing people for a single part of their identities.
  • President Obama indicated that he supported an inclusive ENDA.
  • President Obama said we are going to end the discriminatory practice of keeping people out of the country based on HIV/AIDS status.
  • President Obama indicated that we are moving ahead on Don't Ask Don't Tell.
  • President Obama called for the rest of us to pressure him to make the case across America that these changes and others need to be made.

Is there much more that needs to be done.


Can we do it?

Yes, we can.

(Do I still get a thrill out of typing 'President Obama'? Yes, I do!)

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Town Hall: ENDA: - Where are we now? How do we get to full inclusion?

HRC is holding a Town Hall meeting to discuss ENDA

From their announcement:

The House of Representatives recently passed it's version of ENDA. ENDA has generated tremendous controversy due to the decision made by House leadership to remove gender identity from the bill, and HRC's ultimate position to back passage of this bill. This town hall will address HRC's position, the current status of the legislation, and will provide an opportunity to discuss strategies to pass a fully inclusive employment non-discrimination bill, protecting the entire GLBT community. Come hear many perspectives regarding ENDA's recent journey through the House of Representatives and participate in a discussion about the next steps to pass a fully inclusive version of ENDA.

Wednesday, December 5

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National Coming Out Day

From the HRC "National Coming Out Day" page :

This year will also mark an important hallmark as National Coming Out Day, falls on the 20th anniversary of the 1987 Gay and Lesbian March on Washington, and the unfurling of the AIDS Quilt on the National Mall. The very first National Coming Out Day was celebrated a year to the day later as a way of continuing the spirit of openness, honesty and visibility that the March and the AIDS Quilt presentation inspired. 

If you know of events in your area, please add them to the calendar! 

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