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If the event listing wasn't enough to get you there

Here's the poster for our "Coming Out" party. (Yeah, it's the same party we've been talking about. We just decided "coming out party" sounded better than "launch party. Don't be confused!)

SitPS Party Poster


You're coming, right?

(Click on the image for your own poster-sized copy. It's a PDF, so you need Acrobat or something similar.)



to menstruate or not to menstruate....that is the question

New pill is a true test of women's love-hate relationship with periods
Contraceptive in stores this week eliminates them, but not everyone is ready to let go

Call it a curse, a friend, even Aunt Flo — but don't call it obligatory.

As the new birth control pill that eliminates women's periods hits pharmacies this week, some will say goodbye to menstruation. More though, it seems, are wary of eliminating the monthly bleeding that's symbolic of womanhood.

"That scares me," said Melinda Perez, 35, of League City. "It plays too much with the way your body naturally needs to work."

Lybrel, a low-dose oral contraceptive manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, uses the same hormones as birth control pills that have been available for decades to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. But unlike traditional pills, this package includes no placebos at the end of a cycle. And that means no menstruation.

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Presented by
Shuga Khane Entertainment

First Thursday of Every Month
An event/party for gender transgender, gender
non-conforming, gender queer, multi-gender, gender variants, and their allies.

9pm until... $5 all nite
Performances begin@ about 10pm

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Sex Worker Internet Radio Lounge

Sex Worker Internet Radio Lounge (SWIRL) is a not-for-profit educational and artistic project dedicated to presenting audio works that give a voice to sex workers around the world by presenting their art and opinions, as well as community news and information.
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Summer, Sex and Spirits (PPNYC)

If you're in the NYC area, join me in supporting Planned Parenthood NYC at their summer happy hour fundraiser!

The details:

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Perverted News Roundup #3

This edition of the news roundup is devoted to Verizon, who managed to help delay it by dropping my internet connection for about three hours yesterday, and then kept me on the phone for about an hour doing all sorts of useless shit to the computer before realizing that there was an outage in my area. Thanks, guys.

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Perverted News Roundup

Review of Shortbus DVD (Clean Sheets): Clean Sheets reviews John Cameron Mitchell's followup to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a sex-positive and sex-realistic drama about relationships in NYC.

Revenge of the World Bank Secretaries (Alternet): Susie Bright takes a look at the latest sexual pecadillo within the Neocons; Paul Wolfowitz, the married, hawkish Zionist who heads the World Bank, is facing calls for his resignation because of his affair with an employee, a Saudi woman named Shaha Riza whose salary got a big boost from $132,660 to $193,590 per year thanks to her relationship with the boss.  Shit. For that kind of money, I'd do Wolfowitz.

How the Web Became a Sexist's Paradise (Alternet): Jessica Valenti gives a good summation of how blithely misogyny is accepted in Internet culture these days, using the recent issue of Kathy Sierra's intimidation via internet death threats as an example.

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Is extending marriage rights the answer?

New York's Governor says he is preparing to introduce a same-sex marriage bill into the state legislature in the coming weeks. I support equality for all people regardless of gender or number of partners. I have serious reservations about reinforcing marriage as the qualification for receiving all manner of state-sponsored rights, benefits, and considerations. At the same time, for now marriage is that qualification, and everyone should have access to it. So, is the next step to push for recognition of polyamorous marriage, or is the

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Leonard Lopate and "The Daughters of Juarez"

Today's Leonard Lopate show has a segment on "The Daughters of Juarez," by Teresa Rodriguez about the murders of more than 400 women in Juarez since 1993.

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