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The Next Leaders of the Movement?

The notion of "queer" presents a challenge to the indentity politics logic of the contemporary gay rights movement and these young people get why that's a problem now. Listen to them.

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from PUT THIS ON THE MAP on Vimeo.

I am going to get back to blogging soon, and if I can keep my head together, I may well start with this because it's a theme that's been on my mind for a long time. i think that the identity politics focus of the gay rights movement over the past decades has been truly helpful but I think we are outgrowing its usefulness. What's next? How do we fight for rights without attaching them to identities? I think the answer lies in a human rights framework, but shifting the movement is a bit like turning a ship - it doesn't happen on a dime. 

More thoughts to come as I recreate some balance in my life.


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Study On The Sexual Behavior Of Newly Homeless Youth

Newly homeless youth are likelier to engage in risky sexual behavior if they stay in nonfamily settings — such as friends' homes, abandoned buildings or the streets — because they lack supervision and social support, a new UCLA AIDS Institute study has found .

While the study may be iluminating to those who work in fields of support and intervention, but I think it just reaffirms what we all (should) know: Parental supervision and support is essential in keeping children safe.

Also noted in the report, was this: 

The researchers also found that, in general, U.S.-born or foreign-born Latinas were less likely to engage in sex with multiple partners than were females of other races and ethnicities.

 So much for the hot-Latina stereotypes, hmm?

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Genarlow Wilson free, other teens on sex offender registries: How do we create sane age of consent policies?

Genarlow Wilson is free today after the Georgia Supreme Court ordered yesterday ordered his release. Yet the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on other teens still locked into sex offender registration for similar crimes.

Age of consent laws, and the punishments attached to them, are deeply problematic. Yet solutions to those problems are hard to even talk about in a society like ours that so stigmatizes sex outside of heterosexual marriage, and that has developed out-of-proportion fears of teens, of sex, and of the combination of the two. 

How do we get out of this mess?


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Rethink Resources

Claudine O'Leary and othes whose mission is to "make it possible for communities to really support youth who’ve been involved in trading sex for money or survival needs with practical, experience-based options for anyone who wants to make a difference."
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