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But do they need condom ads in Europe?

I'm staying with friends over Independence Day weekend and they showed me this European condom ad. Very effective, I imagine: cute dad, terrible child, horrifying supermarket scenario.


But it did raise this question: with birthrates in Europe falling, do they really need to advertise condoms? It's hard to imagine that people are having a lot less sex so they must be pretty good at contraception. But then of course there is a need to do STI prevention, and contraception and STI prevention are two different matters. It's interesting to think about how public health policy and population/family policy can be in conflict. Imagine the tension between giving incentives to couples to have children while trying to encourage condom use to prevent disease.

BoundCon V

BoundCon V
“Destination Bizarre”

we are proud to present the biggest BoundCon of all the times, maybe the biggest Fetish Convention ever in Europe. At about 5000 sqm you´ll find lots of Shows – Workshops – Shopping & more…

  • about 100 exhibitors from the international Fetish-Scene
  • 100 international Fetish Models
  • Great Shows on several stages
  • International Top Stars
  • Special Restaurant and Topless Cocktailbar
  • Bondage Workshops with some of the worlds best Bondage Masters
  • Custom Photo Shooting in a new much bigger location
  • Modelzone for the Models and Domina-Zone with pro Dommes
  • New VIP-Area with a spezial Playground, a big buffet and a perfect view to the main stage.
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