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"Why We Need More Sex On The Internet"

I'll be speaking at Suffolk Community College (Ammerman Campus, Selden, NY) on Tuesday March 17 as part of their Women's Week program.The theme is "Sex, Lies and Feminism" and speakers include Katha Pollit among many others.Suffolk Community College Women's Week flyerWomen's Week Flyer (PDF)

Click here for the flyer (PDF)

My talk will describe ways that sexual content on the Internet helps us expand our understanding of sexuality and will explain why efforts to censor "objectionable" content often do more harm than good. I argue that more, rather than less, sexual material should be the goal (she calls this "expanding  the sex commons") and talk about how we can build pathways that help us navigate through sexual material instead of building walls to segregate it from all other online content. 

I'm even losing my power point virginity on this so that I can show screen shots and I'd like to keep working on my slideshow skills. 

Details: Why we need more sex on the Internet

Tuesday, March 17, 2:00-3:15

Suffolk Community College

Ammerman Campus, 533 College Road, Selden NY 11784

Montauk Point Room, Babylon Student Center.

(631) 451-4000 

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The Next Step Into the Commons: The Sex Commons Wiki

A lot's gone down in the last year with Sex in the Public Square; I think that Elizabeth and I have accomplished even more than we originally expected to here so far with projects like the sex work forum, and the networking that we've done with people in the real world and all the discussion of news items. Looking at the site as a whole, I'm not only proud of what we've done, but outright amazed.

And there's still so much more that we can do.  Recently, we came up with an idea to take us even further: a sex-positive wiki. 

One of the things that made this seem like such a good idea to me was the surge of media coverage in the wake of the Spitzer scandal, and especially the Diane Sawyer 20/20 special, which repeatedly seemed to make a deliberate effort to snatch bullshit from the maw of truth.

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A brief summary of the "sex commons" session

I can't summarize the entire discussion because it was too lively and I was paying too much attention in the moment to take many notes, but let me summarize here the remarks I made at the start of the session. I hope others will add to this thread if they remember things that should be "archived" from that session. I also invite anyone who wants to start a topic in this forum to do so. There were so many interesting threads in the discussion on Saturday that I'd hate for them to all get jumbled in the comments on this thread. So please feel free to add topics as needed!

I introduced the idea of the sex commons this way: The commons is a resource. As a resource it needs to be useful, accessible, sustainable and independent.

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One New Year's Resolution!

You may have noticed that my contributions to the square have been a bit sparse since September. What's up with that? For one thing, I finished my first semester back in the classroom (what an adjustment!), spent two separate weekends at union conferences (union work being another of my passions), and just got back from a trip to Georgia to see family.

So, one New Year's Resolution: To get better at combining blogging with my other work, and next semester a lot of my other work is related to this site, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic!

What's up for next semester? Well, for one thing I'll be teaching a course in Sociology of Gender, being offered for the first time at NCC. That's very exciting, and one way that I plan to integrate some of my blogging and some of my teaching. In addition, I'll be speaking at a bunch of conferences about stuff we discuss here. (If you're local to any of them, drop by!) Here's where I'll be:

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