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Entrenching privilege: Child-care, parenting and politics

A Father's Day Reflection  










The  story of Sarah Coral Hanson-Young illustrates two intersecting themes that entrench male privilege - the representation of gender in politics and the imbalance in responsibility for parenting. It is of concern that many (but not all) legislatures under-represent women, ensuring a cycle in which women's interests remain a low priority and decisions that are gendered continue to be taken. Yet so long as women carry an unequal burden of domestic and child-care responsibility this is unlikely to change appreciably.

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Study On The Sexual Behavior Of Newly Homeless Youth

Newly homeless youth are likelier to engage in risky sexual behavior if they stay in nonfamily settings — such as friends' homes, abandoned buildings or the streets — because they lack supervision and social support, a new UCLA AIDS Institute study has found .

While the study may be iluminating to those who work in fields of support and intervention, but I think it just reaffirms what we all (should) know: Parental supervision and support is essential in keeping children safe.

Also noted in the report, was this: 

The researchers also found that, in general, U.S.-born or foreign-born Latinas were less likely to engage in sex with multiple partners than were females of other races and ethnicities.

 So much for the hot-Latina stereotypes, hmm?

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