sex work and its male consumers

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Research for Sex Work 11 is online

Marthe Bouvarde "Prostitutes of Europe" Research for Sex Work 11 is online. It's the only journal like it, with contributions from sex workers, health workers and NGO staff. Articles from India, Mali, Spain, the UK and the US, illustrated with beautiful photographs by Mathilde Bouvard, discuss pleasure and sex work, the failures of raids to help trafficked persons, violence against sex workers and more.

DANAYA SO, a sex worker organisation in Mali, co-produced this issue with the Network of Sex Work Projects. Photographs were supplied by Mathilde Bouvard. This bilingual issue is in English and French. Migration scholar  Laura  Agustín was the guest editor for this issue.

Hard copies will be distributed during the IAS Conference on Pathenogenesis to be held in Capetown, South Africa, 19-22 July 2009.

If you would like to receive a paper copy free of charge, please write to
editor at r4sw dot org.

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Breaking the ice: A general reflection on attitudes on men who consume sex work

Before I begin my contribution, I'd like to thank Elizabeth for the honor of being a part of this long overdue discussion. At first, I was inclined to respectfully decline her offer, since my expertise involving sex work is restricted only to general interest in the professions as a sex-positive activist and a thinking sex radical and political Leftist who wants to integrate such values into a general Left/Progressive political program and theory. I have not solicited nor have otherwise been involved in sex work of any kind, though I am involved tangently through my cyberfriendships with many women who are active sex workers or sexual liberationists. However, Elizabeth convinced me that even I can make a positive contribution to the discussion, so I am here.

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