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Would sex work be so profitable if it weren't stigmatized or criminalized?

This is a question that's been bouncing around in my mind for a few days:

"Would sex work be so profitable if it weren't stigmatized or criminalized?"


Sex work is often an attractive option for single mothers, because they can earn more money and (sometimes) work fewer hours than they would at a retail or other service industry job, thereby allowing them greater economic stability and more time with their children. But to what extent is this attributable to the stigmatized – and, with prostitution specifically, criminalized – nature of sex work?

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Monolithic Terminology

There seems to be one very simple (or not, as it were) problem standing in the way of uniting various groups who have sex work as an interest, and it is a problem of semantics and how often the sex industry, and the people in it, is dealt with in a monolithic fashion. For example:

Sex Worker/Prostitute/Prostituted Person/Provider/Performer

Erotica/Pornography Hobbiest/Client/Consumer/John

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