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Interview with Lady Jayla: On being outed as a provider


Rebecca Deos

I met Lady Jayla online, on a message board for sex workers, when I had put out a call to sex workers who were outted and wished to tell their story. Immediately, Lady Jayla responded, which began a dialogue with myself, Jayla and Elizabeth.

Very quickly I felt a connection with Jayla, and her story, and was a bit suprised at how we shared many of the same emotional responses to our situations.

Jayla has a career in the medical field, and has two grown daughters, both of which have limited their contact with her since they found out about her sex work.

Click here to read the interview.

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Me and Seska Lee on Audio Smut

Audio Smut is a very cool radio show produced by a feminist collective in Montreal. It is part of a weekly radio series called Hersay and is broadcast on CKUT, from McGill University. Tonight I was interviewed by Seska Lee, one of the Audio Smut collective, about Sex in the Public Square and about the forum we had last week.

Click here to download the show. []

If you like what they're up to you can see their archives here and can subscribe to their podcast too.

Meanwhile, I'm taking off on tomorrow for SXSW Interactive and won't be back until Monday. It's my first SXSW, so if you have any advice leave it in the comments! If I get a chance to do some blogging while I'm in Austin, I will. I'm really looking forward to two sex-related sessions in particular:

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