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This is an open forum and all are welcome. There are very few things you may not do with your account. They are the standard: You may not use your account for illegal purposes. We see no need to list specific illegal activities that you cannot do because you can't do any of them.

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Some basics:

Our policies

The rules here are mostly common-sense but common sense isn't always so common, so we thought we should spell them out.



We will not sell, rent, or otherwise share your account information with anyone. Period.


We welcome dissent and passionate debate and so we need to create the kind of environment where that can occur safely. That means no personal attacks. "I think that's a ridiculous idea because ..." is much more effective than "You'd have to be a real idiot to think that ..."


It's hard to talk about sex without talking about sexual images, and it's hard to talk about sexual images without sometimes using them as illustrations. This is primarily an information and discussion site, not primarily an entertainment site, but either way there will be times when explicit imagery may be appropriate. Our policy is that graphic sexual images be kept off the front page of the site.

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