Welcome to Sex in the Public Square! We believe that sexuality is a fundamental component of human life, and that it cannot be excluded from “polite conversation” without losing an important element of democratic participation. We are working to expand the space available for discussions of all aspects of sexuality, so that participants in democratic community life can be fully seen and recognized, can share information, and can become more educated and informed. We also believe that talk about sex needn't always be "serious" in order to be "appropriate" and we welcome playful conversations that focus on the fun of sex as well as serious conversations that focus on things like policy, safety, and identity.

What you’ll find inside

-Blogs and articles on sex in social policy, sex in the news, sex and the law, and, well, sex, all with active discussions and comments.

-A "Speak Out!" section with updated action items, links for contacting your representatives in Federal, State and Local government, and for contacting newspapers and business leaders.

-Links to agencies, foundations and institutions that research sexuality.

-Links to intereseting blogs that deal with sex and sexuality. Some of these may include explicit sexual content.

-Forums where you can ask questions, answer questions, contribute to threaded discussions.

-Reviews of books, web sites, and other sexuality resources.

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