Your Sex Doll Guide

If you just bought your first sex doll, you’re in for a treat. These innovative products can provide sexual satisfaction, companionship, or even a bit of excitement to your relationship with your partner. Your sex doll won’t care about how much money you have, what you look like, or what type of car you drive.

They’re always willing to have sex, and won’t judge you, no matter how kinky your interests are. However, all of these benefits come at a price. You’ll have to make a significant investment to buy yourself a high-quality sex doll. So, it’s important that you’re aware of the benefits of making this investment before you jump into it.

It’s also crucial that you know how to get the most out of it once your exciting new companion arrives. I’ll cover the advantages of making this purchase, followed by tips for having a great time with your doll.

The Benefits of a Sex Doll

Still on the fence about whether or not a sex doll is right for you? Here are some of the benefits of buying one:

You’ll Save Money

I realize that I just mentioned that silicone sex dolls are expensive but buying one could actually save you money in the long run. Many lonely (or busy) guys spend a ton on strip clubs, erotic massagers, prostitutes, and porn every year. Not to mention the amount of money you spend trying to impress women on dates!

But just think about how much you could save by purchasing your very own love doll. She won’t place unrealistic demands on you, is easy to please, and can fulfill your wildest fantasies. While you’ll have to make a significant down payment at first, your new sex doll may actually make it easier to meet your financial goals long-term.

Satisfy Your Kinky Urges

Do you ever wish you had someone to act out your sexual fantasies with, without fear of judgment or awkwardness? Then a sex doll is the perfect solution. She won’t say no to anything you want and can’t gossip to her friends about your fetishes. You can act out the most erotic porn scenes imaginable with your love doll.

No STD Risk

One major downside to having sex with real women is the risk of contracting STDs. With a sex doll, on the other hand, you will be her very first. This eliminates all concerns of catching a lifelong or inconvenient disease or knocking up your sexual partner.

She Won’t Cheat

Anyone who has been cheated on knows that it’s a horrendous, soul-crushing event. You may even be worried about looking for love or intimacy again out of fear that you’ll have to repeat the experience. Your sex doll, on the other hand, will never cheat on or leave you. Not to mention that using a sex doll isn’t considered cheating, even if you’re already in a relationship.

New Experiences

Even if you’re in a loving partnership, you’re still human and crave variety in your sex life. You can dress your sex doll up in any way you desire to meet your wildest fantasies. If your girlfriend is down with it, you can also use the sex doll during intimacy with her for a “safer” threesome.

Real threesomes come with the risk of STDs, the potential for jealousy, and other complications. A sex doll is a good way to spice up your sex life without any of these problems.

No Fighting

Your sex doll will never get mad at you for falling asleep after sex instead of cuddling with her. You will never have a fight with her because she exists solely to please you. This makes your interactions with the doll a lot less complicated than a real relationship, which takes a ton of energy and effort.

Improve Your Performance

If you have limited experience with sex or are currently involuntarily celibate, a sex doll can help these issues. You can practice different positions and experiment to your heart’s content any time you want. Once you’ve had a few sessions with your doll you’ll feel much more confident about your performance in bed.

Feel Empowered

When you’re in a relationship, power struggles are very common. With a sex doll, you can rest assured that she’ll never challenge you, doubt you, or feel hurt for being objectified. She’ll always respect your desires and needs and be willing to submit to you.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Doll

Sex dolls are the most highly prized adult products out there because they provide the closest experience you can get to real intercourse. But, as with any other product, there are right and wrong ways to use your sex doll. Below, I’ll cover some essential tips for keeping your doll in great condition and having an amazing experience with her:

Be Prepared for a Heavy Package

You’ll need to carefully transport your doll when she arrives and unpack her in a space with plenty of room. Many people are surprised when their doll first arrives because the box is heavier than expected. If you live on the top floor without an elevator or have physical limitations that make lifting heavy items difficult, keep this in mind.

Warm Her Up

Cuddling or having sex with a cold doll is a really quick way to kill the mood. You can warm her up with a heater blanket for 20 minutes or so, before you start the action. This is very important for a realistic experience with your doll.

Consider Positioning

You can put your sex doll in all positions without stress on your joints. Keep in mind that she won’t be able to stand unless you specifically purchase a product with this feature. Other positions will require a chair or bench to work.

While the doll can support your weight, don’t put too much pressure on her ankles, handles, or wrists. It’s best if you can position her so that you are bearing the weight or on a chair or bed. This will help protect the material of the doll.

Consider a Penetration Sleeve

Most love dolls come with three orifices (vaginal, oral, and anal) and come with a penetration sleeve you can insert and remove to make cleaning easier. This can vary between different models of sex dolls, so try to find one that has this feature. Most penetration sleeves are made with silicone and work for all penis sizes.

Use Lube

Not only is using lube essential for your sex doll experience (after all, she can’t lubricate on her own), but picking the right type is crucial. Select a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier. This type of lube is easier to clean than silicone or oil-based products and won’t degrade the materials of your doll.

Keep Her Clean

Before you use your sex doll, make sure you wash your hands, so you don’t stain her perfect skin. Remember to do this before every use. You’ll also need to clean her thoroughly after each session, unless you’re only cuddling the doll (in which case every few days is fine). Even when you aren’t using her, you can inspect the doll once a month and clean it, so it doesn’t get dusty.

Wash it with mild soap and warm water and avoid any soaps or products that the manufacturer advises against. If the doll doesn’t come with a removable sleeve, use whatever tools the seller recommends to clean the orifices. Make sure you store it properly and ensure it’s completely dry before putting it away. You can use renewal powder to keep her fresh, if you want.

Ready to Add a New Companion to Your Life?

Your sex doll will never judge you or cheat on you, regardless of what you do wrong in life. Many relationships fail due to incompatible sex drives, but this will no longer be a concern for you with your new toy. As you can see, you stand to gain a lot by making this purchase, so do a bit more research and dive right in!