Learning How To Flirt With Men

In the past, it was far more common for men to approach women. Now, women can take charge of their love life and pursue any man that they’re interested in. Unfortunately, not all ladies have flirting experience. If you’re new to flirting, these are a few simple tips you’ll want to try.

Be Confident

Confidence is incredibly attractive to both men and women. When men can see that you feel great about yourself, they’ll know that there’s something special about you.

Before you go out and flirt with anyone, you’ll want to pump yourself up. Wear clothes you feel confident in. Give yourself little compliments. The better you feel about yourself, the better your flirting will go.

Find The Right Environments For Flirting

It’s important to know how to flirt, but it’s also important to know when to flirt. If you’re going to be approaching men, you’ll want to head out to bars, coffee shops, and other meeting places that are ideal for flirting.

Don’t ever try to approach a man that’s in the middle of something; he might be annoyed that you’re interrupting him. Find a guy that’s relaxing and is ready to be approached.

Make Eye Contact

If you’re nervous about approaching a guy, you can try to encourage him to come to you! Once he’s close, you can start flirting.

An easy way to show a guy that you’re interested in him is to make eye contact. After you catch his gaze, you should try to hold it for at least two seconds. When the two seconds are up, look away and see if he comes to you. You can repeat this a few times for a better effect.

Stroke His Ego

Guys aren’t complimented as frequently as women are. Because of this, men really appreciate it when a woman finds ways to compliment them. When you’re talking with a guy, look for opportunities to tell him how great he is.

There are plenty of easy ways to compliment a man. You could compliment the shirt that he’s wearing, or you could tell him that he has gorgeous eyes. Make a point of laughing at his jokes, and try to show interest in everything that he tells you. When he sees that you’re interested in him, he’ll be interested in you too.

Find Little Ways To Make Physical Contact

A lot of men say that they can’t tell when a woman is flirting with them. However, it’s hard not to notice when a beautiful woman is touching you!

You don’t have to be handsy, but you should find little ways to touch the man you’re interested in. For example, if you’re next to him at the bar, trying placing a hand on his shoulder. Once he sees that you’re interested, he’ll start flirting back.

Even if you’re not used to flirting with men, you’ll be able to master this skill quickly with a little bit of practice. Once you’re a master flirt, you’ll be able to meet more guys, go on more dates, and have a more satisfying love life.