Why Do Men Cheat?

There are many reasons why men cheat and none of them, I repeat none of them, have to do with their spouse or significant other. Of course, many men will readily blame her, however, that is not the reason that they cheat.

Men have an innate sense of needing validation. Often, men will feel validated by a woman at work or in their line of vision if they have sex with her. This sense of validation is important to them and they will often lure her in an effort to reaffirm to themselves that they “still have it”.

While this is very traumatizing to the women involved, the men see little wrong with it. They saw, they conquered, and they were validated. Sadly, this validation can leave a wake of heartbreak in its path.

Many men feel that they deserve a reward for behaving or seeming to behave to their wife or significant other. However, that reward may have consequences such as unintended pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease, or more. At the moment that they are cheating, these men have no idea that they are facing potential consequences later, it’s all about their ability to reaffirm that they are desirable, or that they can get away with something.

Other men choose to cheat because they are afraid of commitment and if they are caught cheating they know that the leading lady in their lives will often let them go without hesitation. Thus, they are willing to take the risk so that they don’t have to have a committed relationship.

Still, others choose to cheat when their spouse or significant other is “pre-occupied”. She may be busy at work and giving them less attention, she may be pregnant and miserable, or, she may simply be out of town visiting her mother or on a work trip. Regardless of this reason, they take advantage of their “neglect” and cheat so that they will feel better and important.

A few men are in a sexless marriage or their sexual relationship is lacking because one partner is interested and the other isn’t as interested or has a medical reason such as painful intercourse so they have less sex. Men often take this as a reason to cheat so that they can remain married and have the benefits of sex without “bothering” their spouse or significant other for sexual release.

Boredom is frequently cited as a reason for cheating. Those who have been in a relationship for many years may simply have become bored with the day in and day out routines of the relationship and they’re seeking some form of entertainment. Often they fail to consider that they could be potential consequences that may break the relationship up entirely.

Of course, none of these reasons are good reasons to cheat. All of them can easily be conquered with a few simple frank discussions with their spouse. The bottom line is that there is no absolute way to prevent a person from cheating. However, with frank discussion they can work to try to avoid cheating in a relationship.